Upcoming Music Events in Cornwall – From the Cornwall Underground

There are lots of upcoming shows and music gigs coming to Cornwall. Here is all the latest news!

Dark Days or Fair is playing a gig on Saturday September 19th 2009 at City Limits in Cornwall. This is a charity fundraiser for breast cancer. And who doesn’t like breast? Exactly. Checkout Dark Days or Fair’s Mp3s online:

The Nads play The Parade of Nations festival on Saturday September 26th 2009 at the Bandshell in Lamoureux Park near The Civic Complex. For more info on all the happenings at the Parade of Nations visit their website:

breathingapparatus There is a metal show in Cornwall on Saturday October 3rd 2009. The Courtship who played at Warped Tour will rock out at Murphys Inn. Also playing is In The Act Of Violence, Darkness Rites, Be The Saviour, and The Breathing Apparatus. All Ages/6pm/$8 advance and $10 at the door. Checkout The Courtship’s Mp3s:

On Saturday Oct 10th 2009 Endyium play a gig at Champions Roadhouse in Cornwall. The venue is located at 1615 Pitt Street. Endyium comes back to Cornwall after 2 years to showcase there new album ‘Eye of The Storm’ and also play some classic hard rock and metal covers. Checkout Endyium Mp3s:

For more info on Cornwall happenings visit The Cornwall Underground website:

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