Lorne Wiebe Drinks the Same Kool Aid as our MP

L I N K That’s the link to Lorne Wiebe’s opinion piece today.   He was going off on Mark MacDonald and Mary Ann Hug’s suggestion in Concil to form a committee to examine how to expand the population of Cornwall.

I was sitting and listening to John Bolton in between that odd and eclectic mix of music that AM 1220 spins when Mr. Wiebe’s opinion piece rolled out.

What struck me other than his opposition to the concept was his statement ” and low unemployment.”   Not sure if he leaves the lovely Cotton Mill building ever, but EI claims are up drastically in our Riding including being up 58% for men!

When was the last time his station posted a Help Wanted ad?  Has he not heard his own sales force talking about how much harder it is to sell ads to struggling businesses in the area?   Other than minimum wage or near mw jobs with little or no benefits there’s a total shortage of jobs.  Even the Fed Call Centre doesn’t seem to want to hire locally as they seem to be bringing in staff from Ottawa.  I don’t know a single local person who already wasn’t with the government who’s been hired yet.

Cornwall has a ton of things to attract people.   I personally agree with him that we don’t need to “pay” people to come here, but we sure need to expose all the wonderful things about our community and make it 100% easier for small business to migrate to our town and not just chase the SCM’s and Shopper’s Drugmarts.

What do you think Cornwall?

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