Cornwall Ontario –  The entrance to the International bridge to Akwesasne and the US was shut down this afternoon after another vehicle seizure.

Reports indicate that after a single person attempted to block the roadway CBSA officials requested that Chief Swamp of the Akwesasne Police Force shut the bridge.   This after a warning to MCA officials last night.   Perception from a number of people I spoke with at the tent is that an excuse was being looked for to close the bridge.

Cornwall City Police joined by OPP have shut the bridge to all traffic including this reporter.  Foot traffic has also been denied access.   Reports also indicate that the US side has also closed access.

Word is that CBSA officials from Ottawa are helocoptering in for a meeting at approximately 2:30 PM today to negotiate the bridge re-opening.

Information passed to this paper indicates that pressure tactics are mounting to get the group of residents of Akwesasne to pull down their tent and allow CBSA to return to their station on the island.

We are attempting to confirm all reports.  If you have any information; photos, or video contact us at or 613.361.1755

Earlier in the morning we ran into Cornwall City Councilor Elaine MacDonald ElaineSP who had this to say about the seizures last night; before the bridge was closed today:

“I think that the law should be based on common sense and sound reason.  And given the geography of the Mohawk territory compliance would be punitive.

And nothing is as bad as that to law and order as bad laws.   Especially ones that single out a single sector of the population and demands of them compliance from them that is more honourus than it is from others.”

We also recieved this in from CBSA in response to yesterday’s seizure of vehicles.

“Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Customs Act, the CBSA is required to ensure that all travelers to Canada report to the temporary port of entry located in Cornwall.  These rules apply equally to all travelers.

The CBSA recognized it would take time for frequent travelers and members of the community to become familiar with compliance at the temporary port of entry, which opened on July 13.

That is why, since July 13, we have been clearly and consistently communicating the legal obligation for travelers to Canada to report directly to the Port of Cornwall through:

– Highly visible sign coming into Canada from the US side of the border
– Media
– Notifying the Mohawk Council of on September 1 of our intention to begin enforcement of their legal obligation to report at the temporary port of entry in Cornwall.

We have also recently begun a leaflet campaign to ensure travelers were aware of this legal requirement.  The leaflet campaign is one of the action items that came out of the CBSA’s discussions with the Mohawk.

At this time, travelers should be aware of their legal requirement to report to the temporary port of entry, before continuing to their destination.

We are pleased that a temporary solution was arrived at to continue to keep the border open.

The temporary port of entry is a short term solution. The CBSA continues to explore options for a long-term solution that advances the best interests of Cornwall.

The CBSA is committed to continued discussions with important stakeholders including the United States, Mayor of Cornwall, business community, the border officers’ union leadership, and the Mohawk.

Priorities include working cooperatively to ensure that all laws are followed, as well as the continued safety of the community, traveling public and border personnel.

Kind regards,

Tracie LeBlanc
Media Spokesperson/Porte Parole
Media Relations/Relations avec les médias
Canada Border Services Agency/Agence des services frontaliers du Canada”

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  1. This is ridiculous, I have been traveling from Akwesasne to Cornwall since late July for personal reason and I have never, I repeat, NEVER received any kind of informational paper.

  2. I have saying it for some time that closing this border crossing is the only logical way to go.

  3. What is the problem? Leave the Mohawks alone !! Number 1, I’m not Mohawk, Number 2 I’m in California so therefore a dang liberal……………Leave the People of the Flint ALONE. Canada? USA? All turtle Island…. H E L L O !!!

  4. We’ve always had free passage on our own lands. the cbsa wanting us to check in to the temporary customs if coming from the us to cornwall island is no different than us going from the american side of the reservation to St. Regis or Snye. I can see their point of border security but to start seizing vehicles? what next? an officer sitting on river road or on st regis road to seize your vehicle? I to travel back and forth often and I DO report in when I come through. I’ve also noticed how much more ignorant the tone of a few of the officers has gotten and also I’ve never received any sort of informational paper.

  5. why is there really a need to confine the mohawk people to there reserve’s? just because you’s can’t have guns, just another way to keep us people down…you’s tried to keep us on our own reserves in the past and you’s are trying to do it again… this is going to get you’s nowhere because we are strong people and we come together and support our people and rights….

  6. I find it hard to believe that no one received this paper and that I was the only one. Heck, I still have it my vehicle. It’s good to know that no matter the color of our skin everyone lies!

  7. it’s all about keeping the people,not just the red man but also the white man,in line. pay the taxes to the queen ,who don’t give a damn if the subjects are fighting.the border is to keep us like cattle. don’t believe me don.t pay your taxes.the country is free to any one who will follow the great peace law.if not, go back to the land where you ran away from.the only law on this part of the world is the law that everyone had a chance to discuss and council on and pass a law. this canadian law is made up from the wealthy, lords and earls but not from you and i. did you ever have a chance to vote on any laws? As an onkwehonweh, the law of this land,pole to pole between the salt waters,you are not obligated to pay any taxes.

  8. Hey you know something…. let the Mohawks do whatever they want!! Neither the Canadian or American gov’ts will ever care about them anyway so since they’re not gonna care, all the more power to the Mohawks and any other Native First Nation, Inuit and Metis person out there who feels that they’re being ripped off!! To any anti-Native ppl out there, you don’t have to like what they’re doing but you certainly have to respect their efforts in trying to right the wrongs of the white gov’ts!! With Native power, you can never go wrong! I wanna pass along a very big high 5 to all the Mohawks getting in the faces of all the border guards! Way to go ladies and gents!

  9. Another one of the tactics to honor the righteous of the few who believe in oppression, is announced by blocking a bridge; maybe the hemishpheres that bridge the thinking of the right and left brain needs some repair. mamatawisowin will keep us strong; this is something a human cannot take away.

  10. I have never been given any type of paper from the cbsa, the few times that I had to travel north from Kawehno:ke.

    Also note that any type of ‘immigration law’ created by cbsa as they go along… absolutely does not have anything to do with Onkwehonwe that exist in our homeland.

    The foundation for a permanent new building has been completed and sits on the west side of the abandoned building that used to be leased by cbsa on Kawehno:ke.

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