Government playing Very odd games with International Bridge at Akwesasne

What an odd day.   It started with the bridge being shut down.  bridge3

The reports coming in consistently point to an individual who had their vehicle impounded not wanting financial assistance from the MCA who had been paying the $1,000.00 fines or bounty’s to recover vehicles.


The party started to try and collect from passing motorists which allegedly resulted in the Seaway requesting that the bridge be closed for “Health and Safety” reasons.

A meeting took place this afternoon between two CBSA reps from Ottawa and members of Akwesasne and the MCA which resulted in nothing.   Sources said there were no negotiations and that the CBSA agents simply stated that the $1000 fines would continue and all residents had to report to CBSA when returning from the US.

At approximately 5:25 PM I received a call from the Island that the bridge was being reopened with no explanation.  People on the Island are as puzzled as I am and I’m sure many reading this are.

Meanwhile many on the Island are upset, nervous, and the stress level of the community jumped up a few notches.


Is this payback from the Government because a large group of residents of Akwesasne simply do not accept the rule of law of Canada?  Do not want CBSA back on their soil with our without guns?

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  1. Oh come on now. The feds have said from the first day they opened the temporary port of entry in Cornwall that people needed to go through customs in Cornwall. Where are the games?

    However, as I have posted before on this website that the resident seem to enjoy the old “The island is part of Canada, the island is not part of Canada” game whenever it suits them. That game is getting really old fast.

    How can anyone take them seriously? How can anyone negotiate with them?

  2. This is nothing more then the government trying to pick a fight with the people of Akwesasne so they can justify arresting people and bringing in the Army and ending this the cowards way !!

    The way I am seeing this from the outside is its fixing to be a long,cold and very dangerous winter on Brookdale ave!!.

    Telling people they have to report when coming from the US to Cornwall Island is nothing more then a Double Standard, Residents are not required to report when going from Snye Quebec to Hogansburg NY!!

    Glassbowl it is not THEM whom do not wish to negotiate or talk, it is the government who has basically left the Negotiating and Talking this issue over in the hands of CBSA and the UNION. CBSA is saying were not in the position to Negotiate or Talk.. Think about it the Government doesn’t give a Damn about Cornwall Or the International Border!

    No where else Border check point not directly on the BORDER, Why is it that a building (That You and I are paying for) (If you pay taxes) Sits empty?? That is in the Proper Location?? US Customs didn’t build their check point 5 miles from the border!!

    Before you go typing aimless comments how about you look at the bigger picture !

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