Stephen Harper not sure if he’s going to get Swine Flu shot – H1N1

L I N K –   Odd quote by our Prime Minister regarding he and his family getting the Swine Flu shot….

“My plan, if it’s generally recommended for people to get the vaccine, my plan is to get the vaccine,” he answered at a news conference near Edmonton on Wednesday.

“But as yet, of course, we haven’t actually made a final decision or set a date. We’re, as you know, right now, waiting [for] final approval of the vaccine, but we expect that imminently.”

Personally from all I’ve read good hygiene and good nutrition are the keys to fighting any flu.

Sadly Cornwall doesn’t seem to get that as a community yet.  I see health professionals sneezing into their hands, and there really needs to be an educational process that will save lives; not just from Swine Flu – from restaurants, to schools, to retirement homes the simplest steps can lead to much less contamination and spreading of the flu.

And I’d really like to see some sort of system set up to compensate people who contract the flu to be able to stay home from work without having to lose their homes; because sick people will come to work if they have no other alternative, which of course create more sick people.

Will you get the Swine Flu shots?  What are you doing to prevent catching flu this season?

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