Frank McKenna ““They are dealing with thugs” on The Harper Government – November 19, 2009

frankL I N K Is Frank McKenna positioning himself to take over from Michael Ignatieff?

If so he’s doing a terrific job with sound bites that show the kind of leadership that would make Stephen Harper raid the cookie jar in search of relief.   I think that’s the biggest problem right now in Canadian politics.

You’ve had Mr. Harper and his Lost Boys punching out reporters, knuckling under the likes of Stephen Dion, bullying natives, and trying to pass repressive laws that would embarrass fascists while the opposition have stood by making faces like puffer fish or hiding.  Or in the words of Sean Connery in the movie “The Untouchables” “You never bring a knife to a gun fight.”

To me Canadian Federal Politics is a spectator sport, and if we’re going to have to pay for the best seats in the house we may as well get our money’s worth.

If Mr. Ignatieff can’t learn from the lessons that Frank is sharing perhaps maybe it is time to bring in the real thing?

“Ultimately, though, McKenna says the next election is Harper’s to lose, not Ignatieff’s to win. “Harper will end up either losing it or not,” he said. “The leader of the Liberal party just has to be a respectable alternative and wait for Harper to make a mistake.”

Isn’t that a great bite?   Can you imagine the murmurings in the Langevin building after that one?

I think Frank is dead on right.   Same in our riding of SD&SG.   This election is Guy Lauzon’s to lose.   Voter satisfaction is not there this time around.   The messenger may in fact be shot…..   I think Mr. McKenna’s words should be listened to by Ms Bernadette Clement, and the other candidates facing up Mr. Lauzon in the next election; Darlene Jalbert, David Rawnsley, and the as yet unannounced independent candidate.

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  1. I have been impressed with Frank McKenna since he was Premier. I was disappointed when he didn’t go directly into federal politics. I do think people in those positions know which way the the scent from the pig barn is blowing and many could see politics in N. American in deep do-do. They probably had a pretty strong idea of the economic situation and why would an intelligent man like Mr. McKenna want to take on a lose lose situation. Some things he has said scared me a little and made me think he was one of them rather a we people. Also I would be interested in knowing more about his vision for a combined N. American Security package. I have scanned Mr. Sawler’s book, and if he is right, I feel Mr. McKenna is the type of leader that Canada needs to replace the albatross in the Liberal party. I support his interest in encouraging young leadership in Canada, getting away from partisanship and taking Canada back into a respectable role in international politics.
    Berne Mills
    Red Deer

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