Having a Habs Moment – Enjoy the video while it’s up – December 2009

rocketI read a lot of net blogs and news sites.

One of the ones I read is Hockey Buzz which features Eric Engels on the Habs.  Today he referred to Hockey Independent which has clips from the  Habs 100th Anniversary Fest.  I started to watch the skate and then decided to just add the video.

Watching so many of those guys skate around brings back so many memories; seeing Ken Dryden stop a few pucks in the net reminded me of the Rocket who while only reffing the old timer games always brought his stick out during the pre-game skate.

I remember thinking to myself as I watched him go top shelf with a quick flick of his wrists that I was actually watching the Babe Ruth of Hockey put a puck in the net.

So enjoy the video and if you’re like me you’ll think back to some of the memories that Les Boys gave us through the years.


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