The Cornwall Free News is proud to welcome JL Computers to our Family of Sponsors – Cornwall Ontario – December 12, 2009

JLFRONT Tired of Big Box store service?   Having your computer wiped out to fix an issue that could be resolved without having to?    Visit John Lester at J.L. Computers at 164 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario today.

John has been fixing and selling computers, accessories, and more for an awfully long time.      He dares you to compare prices for product and service against any of the big box stores!

He even will match most prices that they offer and the advice he offers saves you money in the long run too as you don’t end up buying a lot of items you don’t need.


Whether you want a high end gaming machine, the finest of work horses, tiniest of the new notebook computers,  or just an inexpensive used computer (prices starting at only $99) to back you up you’ll find it all and more at J.L. Computers, 164 Pitt Street.

They also sell digital cameras too!

Call John today at 613.933.0110 and tell him you read this ad on the Cornwall Free News.

And remember, at J.L. Computers they Service What they Sell!

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  1. Congratulations John! It’s nice to see you aboard. It’s always nice to do business with professionals.

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