Pro Line Picks for Saturday December 12, 2009 – Cornwall Ontario – Jonathan’s Conviencence – 4th & Marlborough

Here our are Pro Line Picks for Saturday December 12, 2009

Please note that if you play these and lose it’s at your own risk!   Of course if you play these and win feel free to make a donation to The Cornwall Free News.  :)

Either way we do not endorse nor encourage you to gamble, and these suggested picks are purely for entertainment purposes.

The list below doesn’t suggest that you take all or any of the picks; just the ones we consider.   If a game isn’t on the list it was too close for our experts to call.

NJ – PHI @ NJ  – We’re picking NJ and our homey Marty Brodeur.    Yes, Philly is due, but not at home to the Devils; at least not tonight.

BOS – BOS @NYI  Boston is the favorite.   Tonight is one of those days though if you want to burn $3 on a long shot tickets there are some super picks out there.

MTL – MTL @ATL Monteal has been playing better hockey lately; well at least better than Toronto…

OTT – CAR @OTT  Again, the edge to the home team, by default.  Neither squad has been playing stunning hockey.

TOR – WAS@TOR  Call me crazy, hey, I was just kidding!  I think Kessel & the Leafs template really well against the Caps.

PIT – FLA @PIT  Now this should be a longshot for those of you that pick Florida.   Pittsburgh just out talents Florida in every area.

SJ – SJ@ PHO – I’d pick SJ by 2+ in this game.  Phoenix has been floundering and can’t keep up with the Sharks.

LA – DAL @ LA – Again, home team edge and it looks like Kopitar might be heating up again.

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