“It is time to replace speculation with facts,” $5 Million Dollar Solution? by Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – December 15, 2009

glaudeCORNWALL ONTARIO – The Honourable G. Normand Glaude made his return to Cornwall this morning to give his long awaited report on the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

The press conference was held in the Simon Frasier conference room at the Ramada Inn.   Major Media outlets in attendance included CTV, Global, and CBC as this story has gained national interest.

At 11:00am the Commissioner took his seat in front of the microphone and immediately dove into his statement.

“It is time to replace speculation with facts,” said the commissioner in his opening comments.  Glaude was quick to point out that he believed there was not enough evidence to convict anyone of sexual abuse when he said, “I don’t find anyone guilty of any crimes, criminal or civil.”

Glaude did however admit that this occurred because of the lack of evidence that was made available to officials. “Institutions did not do the job they were supposed to, their lack of written reports and protocol made them vulnerable, for something like this to occur repeatedly,” said Glaude.

The Commissioner attacked institutions such as the Children’s Aid Society and the Catholic Dioceses for not following through on reports of sexual abuse because of their fear of public perception, and embarrassment.

The lack of faith in the Cornwall Police Force by victims was also outlined in the today’s report, when the commissionerglaude2 said, “The Police Force was ill equipped to protect victims of severe abuse particularly men. This failure to provide support caused a great deal of mistrust.”

Glaude continued outlining errors made by institutions such as the Upper Canada School Board, The Catholic Dioceses and the Children’s Aid Society.   However, it was understood why these flaws occurred when he said, “many working institutions struggled with a lack of resources, poor communication and lack of knowledge. There were some good people who tried to overcome these circumstances but ultimately failed. I was encouraged to see the humility that many of these workers had as they admitted and apologized for their mistakes throughout the inquiry.”

One of the Commissioners’ recommendations throughout his report was that the institutions extend an olive branch to the victims by  acknowledging them.  “This is the first step in reconciliation and regaining the trust in these institutions,” said Glaude.

The Commissioner also recommended that there be a five million dollar trust established that would aid victims.  Some of this money would be used as scholarships for victims who were unable to obtain their high school education because of their circumstances.

There would also be scholarships made available to victims who wish to pursue post secondary education at St. Lawrence College.

Another portion of this money would be put towards more counselling programs for both victims and abusers.

Understanding the difficult  times the province is in, the Commissioner realizes that funding might be difficult to obtain when he said; “because of the current economic issues the government might be sympathetic, but reluctant to provide funding. But I do warn of the consequences of inaction on my recommendations.”

In conclusion to his report the Commissioner said, “I have hope for the future, but I worry about complacency or people becoming tired of this issue. In my view we cannot afford not to take action.”

What do you think Cornwall?

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  1. Following such an extended period of waiting, it’s nice to learn the inquiry was finally made public. Distrust in the Cornwall Police is not a new topic so hopefully with this new information concerning a lack of evidence, the organization will do more to prove their worth. Great job Markus!

  2. Two of the main witnesses admitted that they had lied; the policeman who orchestrated the hysteria refused to give evidence and was sentenced for civil and then criminal contempt of court; the original accuser from 1992 gave evidence then fled the court during cross examination and produced a doctor’s certificate that cross examination would be bad for his health. (Thus he cleverly evaded contempt of court proceedings) There were allegations of a paedophile ring and meetings involving men with strange clothes carrying out strange rituals, the Bishop of the diocese was accused in relation to a period BEFORE he arrived in the diocese.

    Why do people still believe this tripe?

  3. Congratulations to The Honourable G. Normand Glaude for finally bringing this Cornwall Public Inquiry to fruition. If “It is time to replace speculation with facts” then I find it mind- boggling that the costs of this inquiry are over $50 Million. It is further mind-boggling that this $50 Million dollars went solely to lawyers. Will they be putting up the recommended $5 Million for the trust fund?

  4. You heard the one about the 1000 lawyers drowning as being a good start right?

    This holds so true here.

    Seems like the “Honest Lawyers”, raked in quite the silver lining to their pockets over this debacle of an inquiry.

    And some even have the gall to say they want their wages raised. Shame!

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