Anthony Michael Galea – Tiger Woods Doc – Charged by RCMP – December 16, 2009



(Toronto, Ontario – Wednesday the 16th of December 2009) – A Toronto Doctor has been charged by the RCMP’s Greater Toronto Area Federal Enforcement Section for selling an unapproved drug, known as Actovegin.

Anthony Michael GALEA, age 51 of Oakville, Ontario is charged with;

  • Selling an unapproved drug (Actovegin) contrary to Section 9 (1) of under the Food and Drugs Act
  • Conspiracy to import an unapproved drug contrary to Section 465 (1)(c) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Conspiracy to export a drug contrary to Section 465 (3) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Smuggling goods into Canada contrary to Section 159 of the Custom’s Act

The RCMP’s investigation commenced in September 2009, when an associate of GALEA’s was apprehended leaving Canada with the unapproved drug known as Actovegin.  The RCMP is alleging that it was GALEA’s intent to treat some of his patients outside Canada with Actovegin.  Actovegin has not been approved for use in Canada, although it is available and approved in some European countries.

The RCMP investigators are alleging that Dr. Galea illegally imported and smuggled drugs into Canada.  They are further alleging that these drugs, which are not approved by Health Canada to be used in Canada, were administered to patients.  Dr. Galea is also alleged to have conspired to export these drugs to the US.

On October 15th, 2009, the Greater Toronto Area Federal Enforcement Section executed a search warrant on the medical facilities of GALEA, the Institute of Sports Medicine (ISM) Health and Wellness Center located at 230 Browns Line, Toronto, Ontario.  The execution of the search warrant at the medical facilities, resulted in the RCMP seizing unapproved drugs, believed to be Actovegin, from the doctor’s office.

Due to their expertise in the scientific assessments of drugs and the regulatory regime governing drugs in Canada, the RCMP have been working with the assistance of Health Canada to investigate this matter.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the lead US agency in this matter.

Anthony Michael GALEA will appear at Old City Hall Court, in Toronto, Ontario, December 18th, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.

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