The Cornwall Free News is proud to become a member of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce – December 16, 2009 – Cornwall Ontario


We’re barely a year old and are humbly grateful to the community for the support we’ve been given.  Yesterday our membership application was accepted by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.

Community is a wonderful thing.  It’s super to be joining the Chamber and we look forward to being a productive member.

Thanks again for all of the local community support we’ve received from you our readers and to all of our sponsors; most of whom are local, just like The Cornwall Free News.

Shop Locally, Spend Locally, and Advertise Locally.


And stay tuned for our special announcement Friday at the 2009 Year in Review.

There are some pretty neat improvements coming down the road for our little media conglomerate, and for Cornwall!   See you at the Aulstville Theatre at 7AM Friday December 18th.  Contact Cornwall and Seaway Valley Tourism office @ 613 938-4748 and see if they have any tickets left before they’re all gone.

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