7 Sleeps Until Christmas or if you haven’t bought all your gifts yet you better get over to Cornwall Square!

cwSQA 70 Stores, free parking, gift wrapping, wi-fi, food court, gift cards, and extended hours.

If you’re like me and have waited to the last minute to get your shopping done you better head down to Cornwall Square.

Located in the heart of downtown Cornwall, this two-level 250,000 square foot shopping centre sits next to beautiful Lamoureux Park and the city’s scenic waterfront.

Situated at the intersection of Pitt and Water Street, Cornwall Square is truly Cornwall’s premier shopping complex.

Stumped for a gift? Running out of time?  Hate looking for parking?

Get your shopping done at Cornwall Square.   Fido has just opened; all the cell phone companies are there if you need a new phone or plan.

Coles Books, Justin’s No Frills, Laura Secord, and so many more choices for you to find that special gift.

There’s even an engraver or two.   Get your gifts wrapped next to the food court where you can eat at Cedars who have the best Shawarma in town.

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