Cornwall Ontario Councilor Elaine MacDonald on Water Meters – December 17, 2009

elaine We also heard recently from Cornwall City Councilor Elaine MacDonald regarding water meters which are being planned to be implemented in Cornwall.

“We want to move to meters so each person will pay for their actual use, not the use as guestimated based on number of faucets, toilets etc in a home. Our water and sewer is a self-contained system. It is not paid for out of property taxes, as roads are, but entirely by users, based on consumption.

It’s about as fair as one can get but we need to take 5 more years ot get there, due to lack of funds up front for meters and installations.

We also hope metering weill enable people to track their usage and consequently, conserve water.

All businesses in town are currently on meters.”

What do you think Cornwall?  Do you agree with Councilor MacDonald?

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  1. Once these City Councillors (who seem to be pushing their own agenda, representing themselves and not the public) make up their minds that we WILL have water meters, at least lets try and save some money on the purchase of water meters.
    Earlier this year the Mayor of Montreal fired a couple of guys and cancelled the purchase of water meters (about $355 Million) due to “conflict-of-interest” and I guess that now someone has a load of water meters they’d love to get rid of. I’m sure they would listen to anyone offering a mere pittance for them. Attention City Councillors: LETS SAVE SOME MONEY!!!

  2. i think thats a great idea go for it

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