“The songs we sing” – a poem by Jason Setnyk

“The songs we sing” – a poem by Jason Setnyk

We sing of joys, we sing of tragedy
An orchestra of drama unfolds
Countless narratives and stories are told
Yet we always sing with brevity

Our memoirs like a faded old music sheet
Each character on stage has their own song
An opera, gospel, or sing-along
Words that can make you ecstatic or weep

An amplitude of amiable harmonies
High tempo tunes about learning and the new
                                        Then the air of wisdom settles through
                               A repertoire of sweet symphonies

                               Our parents hum hymns about where we belong
                          We grow up, find a partner, and duet
                         Create a melody of offspring like a poet
                        But our voices grow weary after so long

One day we will join that muted choir
Up in the heavens of infinite lore
Where our songs and voices will be heard no more
The curtain closes upon the silent choir

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