Montreal Apparently Full of Corruption – Water Meters EDITORIAL – December 27, 2009

Aren’t you glad you live in Cornwall when you read about Montreal?   LINK Contract fixing, mafia, never ending bad roads.


“I had taken some serious hits – cars rammed, trucks burning, being told there wouldn’t be a trial because there wouldn’t be a body,” Sauvé said. “But the day the threats came against my 10-year-old daughter I said, `That’s enough'”

On Radio-Canada’s investigative news program Enquete, Sauvé described a group of contractors others have dubbed “The Fabulous 14.”

The group controls most of the bids in Montreal and, allegedly, its 14-odd member companies take turns “winning” bids in a conspiracy to keep rates high. Nobody else dares to submit a lower bid.”

If Mayor Kilger thought Courage in Red was bad for business here in Cornwall he should be glad he’s not in Mayor Tremblay’s shoes.

Back to water meters.   To me that’s the hot topic for the next election.   I’m still of the position that they should not be implemented for residences in Cornwall.

We already have just about the lowest commercial water rates in Ontario and we pay high property taxes already.

Maybe instead of spending millions implementing a system that I and many feel is purely a money grab we should be contemplating what we can do to balance the load and encourage more families to move to Cornwall.

Employment is a good start, and with the Shoppers Drugmart distribution centre coming to town; airport expansion, and more services to our growing senior population there are some opportunities.

There look to be more green opportunities too.  I know of one US company that wants to build their R50 Demo Home in Cornwall which would be their Canadian branch office.

When you read the story about what’s happened in Montreal the biggest factor I see isn’t so much corrupt politicians as citizens who simply stopped watching what was happening; and stopped caring.  Apathy is a killer.   If you’re not happy with your tax bill or how something is being done you do have options.   Contact your Councillors; go to city council meetings; email them and let them know what you want.

And vote.   Let your voice be heard and make sure you listen to what is said by whom you vote for.   Democracy truly works when we all work it.

But mostly; let’s tell city hall to cork the water meter program.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. I am not in the habit of writing letters to the editor but I covered city hall when water meters were first discussed over 20 years ago at city hall. The main concern then, and the main concern now, should be that it not be a tax grab by city hall, though I fear it is.

    I have no problem with water meters as long as the system is revenue neutral. If under the current system it costs a penny for a litre of water water then the metered rate should also be a penny per litre. When I covered city hall, council was thinking of increasing water taxes using meters and they soon heard from citizens. Council was forced to back down and should back down now if the only reason is to increase revenue.

    I have no problem paying for what I use, but I don’t want the end cost to be double what it is now so council can balance the budget through a back door increase. There have been too many of those in the past few years (Think user fees for recreation and parking, among others) and the line has to be drawn somewhere.

    Let’s make sure that the metered water we are likely to have in 2011 is truly revenue neutral.

    Marc Pilote

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