It’s Complicated – It’s Funny – It’s Meryl Streep at her Streepiest – Review – December 27, 2009 – Cornwall Ontario

I took my wife and mom to this movie over the holidays.    The film, by Nancy Meyers, hit the notes I think it wanted to.

It’s fun.  It’s poignant.  It asks some questions, and it’s worth the price of admission.  I find it so odd how society has changed and that divorced families are almost the norms.

It makes some interesting points too; from Baldwin when he rationalizes their growth as people since their divorce.   Have we as people lost the ability to resolve issues with those we care about most so that we need a decade or more to see things more clearly?

Alec Baldwin mugs his way smoothly through the flick and I ended up rooting for him.   I felt a bit sad with Meryl’s decision and how it played out, but maybe that’s because I’m a guy?

Steve Martin, remember when he used to be really funny?  He had a few good moments here, but I wanted to punch him a few times(metaphorically speaking) and I found it hard that Meryl’s character Jane Adler could spark with him.

It’s Complicated is playing locally at the Galaxy.  If you’re looking for a thoughtful flick with humor this is the one for you to sneak off to during the holidays.

I’m going to give this film 3 boxes of popcorn.

What do you think Cornwall?

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