Patron’s Of St Columban’s Parish Foundation Raise $3,000 – Cornwall Ontario – March 13, 2010

    What a “Divine Intervention” and Concert!

    Cornwall ON – Some people often speak of a presence, a feeling and some even and intervention when we speak of deep and profound spirit that lies in our hearts. But when you speak of a “divine intervention”, that really sums it all up when we speak of the recent benefit concert hosted by the Patron’s Of St Columban’s Foundation. A tribute concert in memory of the Major Rev Garry Ostler who was an active military padre and priest for St Columban’s Church before his passing in May of 2008.

    “We were not sure what to expect in light of the busy weekend in the arts in the city and in the area?”, said David Granger, the event Chairperson for the Patron’s Of St Columban’s  Foundation;” but when we opened the doors , the people just kept coming in!. A true testimony that people have a true love of this parish and for what we are seeking to achieve!”  Nearly three hundred people attended this event, and the program had a little bit for everyone of all ages, of all eras, of all styles for all music lovers. The Cornwall Centennial Choir was true acoustic ear candy, the rendition of the Prayer by Kevin Rivette and guest performer Tammy Nichols Rivette and Holes in the Floors of Heaven brought tears to the eyes, and local Elvis Presley Impersonator Marc “Elvis” Rivette reminded the audience that “Elvis” had a deep and personal connection with his faith and the love of gospel music. Acapellics Anonymous Quartet composed of Mike Pearsons, James Essex-McIntyre , Robert Lemire and Doug Hill brought music to the ears and comedy to the scene and a polished ending  with a beautiful classical performance by clarinet and piano soloist Ken Johns and Felicity Svenson was moving and breathtaking. The audience had rave reviews and left filled with music and renewed faith .
    “ To tear down a beautifully acoustic masterpiece for performing arts in the community , not to mention the home of several people of faith in our community would be a “sin”.” said Kevin Rivette “ I hope the community as well as all levels of government will allow benefactors such as these the opportunity to seek funding and grants in their economic action plans. If we don’t have good hospitals, good schools and good religious and faith congregations, then we cannot progress as a community as a whole. It’s time to put the past behind and look forward to a bright future! I believe that this is achieved one step and one believer at a time!”

    In all a total of just over $3000.00 was raised in this event. “We hope that this is the beginning of something very exciting for our parish and our foundation! I guess you will all have to TURN YOUR RADIO ON!” For Pictures of the event , look on our concert’s Facebook Page

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