Cornwall Ontario to Participate in Earth Hour on Saturday March 27 at 8:30 PM – Mayor Bob Kilger encourages all citizens and businesses to join in the cause!

Cornwall is Participating in Earth Hour on March 27

Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger is encouraging citizens and local businesses to join him in participating in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27, at 8:30 p.m.

Earth Hour is a global movement working to call attention to climate change, energy consumption, and sustainability.

On Earth Hour, hundreds of millions of people, along with businesses and organizations, around the world will focus on this issue by turning off their lights for an hour. Famous landmarks around the globe also will extinguish their lights.

“Earth Hour is a way for all Cornwall citizens to make a difference” says Mayor Bob Kilger. “At the City we have been taking consistent steps to reduce our impact on the environment and save taxpayer dollars. Earth Hour supports our philosophy of environmental stewardship and helps demonstrate that working collectively can achieve great things.”

This year, the City of Cornwall will be taking the following steps to meet Earth Hour’s objectives:

  • All non-essential lighting and computer equipment in City buildings will be turned off by city employees as they leave work on Friday afternoon.
  • Lighting in working city facilities, such as recreation and municipal work facilities, will be minimized as much as possible during Earth Hour itself while keeping public safety as a first priority.
  • Floodlights lighting the Clock Tower in Lamoureux Park will be turned off during Earth Hour.

Cornwall Electric will be monitoring the energy consumption over its service area and will be able to report back on the region’s efforts.

Participation in Earth Hour is just another step in the City’s work to reduce its impact on the environment. The City has been working to increase its sustainability efforts through projects such as the replacement of traffic lights with LED lighting, working to reduce gas consumption in City vehicles, a shift to energy efficient buses, and diverting waste from the landfill site with fall and spring organic waste pick up programs.

More information on Earth Hour is available at

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  1. Quick question: do city employees usually leave non essential lighting and computer equipment on for the weekend? I hope not.

    My household will definately recognize Earth Hour, and I hope yours does too!

  2. Something I found from that I thought everyone would like to read. See you all in church tomorrow, Lord willing!

    By Tim Bloedow

    Spin it how you like, but Earth Hour is idolatry; it’s blasphemy; it’s Gaia worship – dancing naked round the fir tree till your body turns to butter, joining your mind somewhere in the ether.

    Real Christians will be Christians and, instead of celebrating the fundamentalist religious rite of Earth Hour on Saturday, will celebrate God Hour the next day by attending a God-fearing, Bible-believing church to worship God. Actually, they should celebrate three God Hours: 1.5 hours for their morning worship service and 1.5 hours for their evening worship service.

    Earth Hour takes place this Saturday, March 27th from 8:30 to 9:30pm. While heathen Gaia worshipers are going back to nature and roaming around in the dark; you should be celebrating God, celebrating man, made in the image of God, human ingenuity that reflects the creativity of God and which gives us life-advancing technology that uses lots of energy. Celebrate industry. Celebrate technology. Celebrate dominion. Celebrate private property. Celebrate God’s law.

    Do not be like the heathen fools who lament the creative and redemptive impact of man on this world. Do not embrace the dishonest and empty-headed pessimism of the granola-crunchers.

    If you have to celebrate Earth Hour, then do so by ordering your polar bear rug and your 6-month supply of seal meat.

    But most importantly, celebrate God Hour – every week – by attending the public worship of God on Sunday.

  3. Tom,

    I fail to see how earth hour is blasphemous. Last time I checked no one said anything about it interfering with going to church, worshipping a god of any kind, or having to choose between the earth and one’s faith. I can promise you that I have no intention of ‘dancing naked’ around anything.

    I defend your right to go to church, to fear god, to believe in the bible although I do not agree with any of it. I don’t understand your need to write crushing and dictative remarks about what people will/should do. It’s not your decision what is correct for anyone other than yourself and to think so is beyond presumptious, it’s blasphemous.

    Aren’t we supposed to love each other? Why then would you call me a heathen? You don’t know me – at all. I am very insulted at being called dishonest and empty-headed. I am neither sir. You should be aware of your words – for they can be construed as hateful as well as grossly incorrect.

  4. Please do tell me that Pastor Tom Newton is not an actual Minister that leads a Congregation in worship; that serves as a shiny example to people in our community. Please do tell me it isn’t so!

  5. Author

    Ms Milner if you click Pastor Tom’s hotlink you’ll see where you practices his faith.

  6. In defense of Pastor Tom, he didn’t write the ridiculous article. He simply copied it here for our amusement and comment. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he found it as outrageous as we do.

    I am right, aren’t I Pastor Tom?

  7. Pastor Tom: Please spare us Tim Bloedow and his fellow crackpots. If I’m looking for an honest-to-goodness laugh, I will go to YouTube and check out Woody Allen or Bob Newhart or the Goon Show.

  8. I swear the pastor does stuff like this just to attract attention. And yes, it is unfortunately so, the pastor is a minister. And everyone is going to hell, for whatever reason there is out there. First the pot smokers, then the gays, followed by the horoscope readers, and now on top of it all, people who want to save our earth. Isn’t that fantastic? Good pastor, what should we all do, let our earth just wither away? for fear that doing something about it will lead to Idolatry? And you greatly offend the great “Ursa the Polar Bear”, the deity that I believe in, with your comment about the polar bear rug. Ursa will eat you as soon as you cross over, don’t worry. 😉 The elves will live a little bit longer.

  9. We are all going to hell.
    May the stay there be as pleasant as the way there.

  10. Furtz – that is not true – “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. 13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. 14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire”. (Revelation 20:12-15).

    Those written in the Lamb’s book of life will go to heaven. This list is made up of God’s elect. God puts you on that list all according to His good pleasure. Remember no one deserves, or merits to be there, it is all of God’s grace at Christ’s expense. No foreseen faith, or good works, No! All have sinned, but God, in His electing decree, has purposed to save the elect, and that all for His glory! The death of God’s Son secures this “so great salvation”, and now God Holy Spirit is applying this “so great salvation” one sinner at a time. One hears the good news of the Gospel, and God uses that to call you to Himself in saving faith.

    Why do I often give out the Word? This is why -“Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. 24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: 25 But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you” (1 Peter 1:23-25). You see Furtz, and all other readers – God doesn’t ask your permission to save you, He just does! 🙂

  11. God also helps my garden grow every day when it rises in the east and sets in the west!

  12. Whatever you say, Tom.
    No argument from me.

  13. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I am wondering why God needs all of these books to write everything in? One would assume that God would have an unlimited memory and know everything anyway without having to refer to any book. I think the Bible and other holy books were written by man and not God. They are meant to scare everyone into line! Pastor Tom is the scarer.

  14. I really hate to make a double post, but here I go anyway.
    Tom, if your bizarre concept of heaven and hell was true, I’d chose to spend eternity in hell. At least the folks down there will have read more than one book. Conversation down there would be a hell of a lot more interesting.

  15. Antipasta, I have a small issue with your name. I am a devout Pastafarian, and worship the ONLY true God, The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarians, understandably, consider pasta a sacred sacrament, and are deeply offended by people who are anti-pasta. If you don’t repent and accept The Flying Spaghetti Monster as your Savior, you will rightfully go to hell, where all the beer is skunky, and all the strippers have STDs. For your own sake, repent, and change your name. You have been warned.

  16. OMG, are you Pastafarians dense or what? Antipasta = anti pastor.

  17. My sincerest apologies Antipasta. It’s true that some of us Pastafarians are a little weak in the head. If you are indeed anti-pastor, you are OK with us. May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage, and be forever blessed. Arrmen.

  18. It’s all a crock of fecal matter

    What is the benefit of shutting down our homes or minimizing our consumption for one hour? There is still another 8759 hours in the year in which people will use power. I’ll bet nobody from Jennifer to Elaine can explain the logic behind this action. They will also refuse to answer because in truth they are using a belief to serve personal interests they are also targeting the wrong users of energy the people
    Why not industry? oh wait let me coin a phrase, “we are only after the low hanging fruit” raise the bar Elaine it was how you graded us at CCVS. Quit with the excuses.

    You have chosen a time of day when many people are out, a time of year when hydro usage is at a minimum and the weather requires less indoor heating. How stupid are you playing Canadians for?

    The results speak for themselves and if just one of you had a brain you would see people are fed up with your nonsense and approach to saving energy.

    It is time to man up and follow what the rest of the world has been doing for decades, approach industry and make them responsible for how and what they deliver. Holding the public hostage is not working and as I stated before the results of earth hour

  19. Bob
    Why can this practice not be done on a daily basis??
    All non-essential lighting and computer equipment in City buildings will be turned off by city employees as they leave work on Friday afternoon.

    Lighting in working city facilities, such as recreation and municipal work facilities, will be minimized as much as possible during Earth Hour itself while keeping public safety as a first priority.

    Again you exude half practices and inept approaches to solving problems. All this for $46,000
    Maybe I will register my business in Cornwall and run for mayor inthe next election. There is not much of a standard to meet at this point

  20. Paraphrasing the words of Mr. Suzuki in a television interview a couple of days ago,

    “We are going to have to do a lot more than observe Earth Hour once a year to get things on track”.

    If we each consume less, respect more…our cumulative efforts could make a huge positive impact in our world which desperately needs our loving hand and understanding now, each and every hour of each day.

  21. Author

    I can’t argue with that statement and shudder to think that there are those in our country who would…..

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