Letter to the Editor – Kevin Parkinson: Ontario Liberals ‘Forget’ to Remind Taxpayers about HST Deadlines

Ontario Liberals ‘Forget’ to Remind Taxpayers about HST Deadlines

Cornwall ON – In their latest outrageous deception, the Ontario Liberals have evoked a crucial May 1 deadline from the bowels of the Ontario Ministry of Revenue website, which is a slap in the face to all Ontarians.

The deadline means that people won’t have to wait until July 1st to pay another tax- they can start paying it right now.

Here is the obscure clause, well hidden in a PDF file linked to the home page, and not readily apparent under ‘important’ dates:

    “The HST would generally apply to consideration that becomes due, or is paid without having become due, on or after May 1, 2010 and before July 2010 for a supply of goods by way of sale, to the extent that the consideration is for goods that are delivered, and for which ownership is transferred, to the recipient of the supply on or after July 1, 2010.”

So even if a taxpayer could find the convoluted clause, there’s no guarantee that it would be easily understood. Basically it means that if the goods or services purchased between May 1 and July 1 will be used after July 1, then the HST tax is applied.

Suppose someone was planning on spending $5,000 on a summer cruise or pre-paying a funeral. If payment had been made before May 1, then HST would not be applied. However, after May 1 you can add 8%(the provincial share) of the amount. Your summer cruise or the funeral expenses will now cost you an additional $400.

What I find incredulous is that Minister of Trade, John Wilkinson traveled far and wide bringing the ‘good news’ about the HST to Ontarians: 600,000 new jobs and Ontario’s entry into the 21st century and a better deal for Ontarians.  And of course, a little bribe to go along with the new tax in the way of cash rebates on our income taxes. All smoke and mirrors and devoid of the real reason for bringing on the new tax.

Ontario is now a ‘have not’ province in Canada for the first time in its history and is fighting for its economic life during this recession. So where does the government find revenue during tough times?  That would be from the pockets of taxpayers in the form of a new tax. Whether the new tax brings us new jobs is conjecture, and you can bet that the present government won’t be around to defend their claims.

Here you have a government that pretends it wants to help taxpayers save money, while bringing on a new tax that will outlive us all, while trying to sugar coat it by offering income tax rebates for only one year.

Since Wilkinson deceived the voters by not discussing the May 1 deadline, why wasn’t he asked the question at a press conference in Cornwall with Jim Brownell in attendance? Why didn’t MPP Brownell advise his constituents of the importance of the May 1st deadline? People in this riding could have saved hundreds of dollars. My family saved over $600 in pre-paid funeral arrangements.

I also hold the media responsible. It is their duty to inform the public and in this regard they failed miserably. They ask the wrong questions and are just going through the motions.

People are getting fed up with the lies, the sleight of hand and the deceptions of government. Unfortunately the good work done in the riding by MP Brownell is tainted by the failed promises of his party, and debacles like the health tax, E-Health scandal, hospital funding and now the HST.

A sobering thought for the Ontario Liberals is that no provincial government in Canada has implemented the HST and lived to survive the next election.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the same fate were awaiting this government.

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  1. You had to be a Lawyer with an accounting degree to understand some of that stuff. Baffle us once, shame on me…..
    I will write again, when will the public stand up and be heard? Maybe when your tax rate is 60%, 70,?

  2. Here we have a retired teacher earning a pension being synical about his cash cow *l*

  3. “I also hold the media responsible. It is their duty to inform the public and in this regard they failed miserably. They ask the wrong questions and are just going through the motions.”

    I definitely hold Corus responsible. Didn’t John Wilkinson go there to discuss this? Did he happen to discuss the part where this May 1st deadline was supposed to kick in? Is that the reason why AM1220 didn’t publicize that discussion? I wonder..

  4. Do a search on google and you can easily find a Canadian Press story on HST advertising. Something like 2.5 million was slated, but only about 600,000 was used. Why? More would have been spent for print but the auditor general said the ads were to partisan to use.

    They easily could have provided a bullet list of dates. Of course we get the positive stuff like “Oh, 83% of items will remain unchanged”. But they do not say the 17% covers electricity, heating fuel, gasoline and even bar b q propane, things we just happen use often.

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