Cornwall Ontario – Prevent Medical ID Theft – June 16, 2010


Cornwall ON – A new trend in identity theft is growing and is referred to as Medical Identity Theft.  Medical Identity Theft happens when ID thieves use your identity to receive medical care or services, including prescriptions in your name.

All of this activity changes your medical records and may even cause your insurance benefits to cap.  This may result in having credit denied because someone used the information to obtain medical treatment or services and did not pay the bill.  Once the person discovers that their medical identity has been compromised they begin the task of repairing their credit, removing false information from their medical records and insurance records and clearing their name of any wrong doing.  This type of fraud results in erroneous entries being added to the medical history of the medial identity theft victim.  These types of additions, modifications or removal of information can lead to disastrous ramifications for the victim.

There are many ways that Medical Identity Thieves can steal your identity:

–       Bill your health plan for fake or inflated treatment claims.

–       Use your identity to buy prescription drugs.

–       Get free treatment.

Here are some simple steps to avoid being a victim of Medical Identity Theft:

–       Do not give out any personal information regarding your personal medical information or prescription information.

–       Request a list annually of all benefits paid on your behalf from your insurance carrier.

–       Order a copy of your credit report annually.

–       Before tossing your old prescription bottles, remove all writing from the labels.

–       Shred all labels and papers that come with your prescriptions.

The Cornwall Community Police Service has received complaints that residents have been contacted by telephone from callers stating that they are pharmacists looking to verify their prescription and medical information.  Please do not provide any of your personal, medical or prescription information.

Should you receive a call of this nature, please bear in mind that it may be fraudulent and you are asked to contact the service by dialing (613) 933-5000, ext. 2418.

The Cornwall Community Police Service is dedicated to our vision:  A safer Cornwall, reducing crime always.

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