Not Quite So Major Earthquake and Tremor hits Ontario Canada – UFO’s spotted in Cornwall Ontario – June 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – A earthquake rippled through Eastern Ontario today measuring up to 5.7 on the Richter scale.  Reports of goats feeling odd urges and glass shimmering were reported as well as many UFO sightings.  We received about 30 emails, phone calls, and Facebook pings and I’m reporting from a Second Cup on Elgin Street here in Ottawa.

Isn’t it odd that when the earth shakes I feel safer here in our Nation’s Capital, especially since most of the politicians are gone back to their lairs across Canada.   Cell phone disturbance in service was noticed in the Cornwall Region.

Hopefully everyone that reads this is well, but if you have any cool pics of damage that you didn’t steal off of Google please email them in for our picture or video loving viewers.


  1. Author

    Wow, we’ve had pings from all over the world; from Dublin, Vancouver, and all parts of North America! Thanks for keeping in touch with other and a shout out to all of our Facebook friends as this buzzes through your friends networks.

    If you need any info from Cornwall you can contact us via Facebook (Cornwall Free News) or email us at

  2. Actually it wasn’t an earthquake, it was a collective cheer and sigh of relief from the billions of England fans worldwide as England finally managed to progress into the second round of the world cup.

  3. An acquaintance posted what may count as a “prediction” of this earthquake on a Usenet newsgroup 8 days prior to its occurrence. Her name is Katie, she asks that this information not be released just yet, she is just making sure someone knows about it in case it happens again. Here is the text of her “prediction”:

    Northeastern U.S. – Earthquake – not massive, but noticable at the
    least, and a new experience for many residents. Predicted arrival time
    within the next 2 months, probably sooner.

    It was posted on the group alt.paranormal.channeling on 15th June, 2010. Usenet is a public forum, this post is there for anyone to find. She stated northeastern US, but southern Ontario & NE US are pretty much the same region. And as she noted, one hit does not a psychic make.

    2 hits, however, about something that unpredictable – who knows? She’s no more certain of her own abilities than anyone, but has been told she has them. If she does (which she is testing now, which is the purpose of this correspondence), she wants to try to use them to help in ways however big or small.

    Again, she is not requesting any sort of publicity from this, she’s only making sure that if it happens again, someone else will already know about it. Lucky you, eh? 😉 (meaning that apart from Usenet, you are the only other place where this is being made known, it is not being sent to anyone else – she’s not looking for publicity or notoriety, only to document evidence that can withstand scientific scrutiny if ever it comes down to that. If her next prediction’s a miss, this will fade into obscurity forever more & she will be glad to at least know for certain. :-))

  4. I was having a very important thought that could have solved a wide variety of world problems. I was startled out of my day dream by the terror quake. I had not been previously warned of the earthquake and now have no choice but to sue the Mayor. I hope you can all see that.

  5. Mother nature it is always amazing how she can display her wonders!

  6. Author

    yes smee, it’s like an itinerant walking through a field of daisies…..

  7. lol @ admins comment. 😀

  8. sorry admin, but though I share the wanderers opinions we are not one in the same

  9. *l* next thing you know we will all be Tammy

  10. So…what about those UFOs?

  11. Sorry those UFOs were just hot air balloons being filled by the Quebec Separatists for their St Jean Baptiste parades.

  12. do we think maybe the oil spill had something to do with the quake?

  13. Was that what the quake was about? Quebec trying to separate again? 😉

  14. Groovy: Of course the Oil Spill has to do with it: Oil is the lube to make LESS fractions when the plates shift-but the ‘scientific community’ will ever admit it.

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