Letter to the Editor – James Borer on Accountability and Positive Results – South Stormont – 8 August 2010

South Stormont ON – I believe in being accountable for my words, actions and choices.  This is why I post my real and full name with my letters.  Why don’t some others?

The accountability in education starts with the individual taxpayers.  We elect trustees to provide oversight and accountability for the school boards.  To answer a question that was posed to me from Eric, the boards are offering full day kindergarten programs above what the province pays for because the Trustees voted to approve the budget put forward by the board administrators.

The province doesn’t control that.  The province doesn’t detail where each dime and nickel is to be spent by boards.  It is up to the Trustees to ensure our tax dollars are invested properly.

I am focused on getting positive results.  That is why I get involved.  If you see something that needs work then roll up your sleeves and help.  That is how Canada was built and specifically our area.

If each of us gave 1 hour per week to community service it would mean over 50 000 hours per week within the SD&G area.  What positive results could we get then?

Proud to Serve

James Borer C.D.  – South Stormont – Lunenburg

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  1. I as well have a real and full name with letters after it. My family can be traced in this country from the late 1700’s and eastern Ontario since the very early 1800’s and I am a graduate of the Upper Canada School Board. My parents expected truth and honesty, and later, my dad said always do sober what you said you would do drunk. I have not swayed from the concepts and I remain a loyal and caring Canadian that has not missed a vote in any election. I also do some behind the scene volunteering and attend some meetings to keep abrest of issues. Unfortunatly, many do not and get their news from headlines.

    The school board Trustee’s, as I see it must rely on administrators, and of course parents, for direction. I imagine they saw / were told more than the basic was needed. A business then would take something else away, but are restricted here because of provincial control over salary / benefits and raises and unforseen costs to run buildings.

    Thank you again for your efforts.

  2. James, I don’t care how you cut it, anyone could see the implications of this new full day kindergarten. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this program will impact the tax payers immensely. Not to mention confuse the hell out of teachers, principals, and parents.
    My information was from the grass roots (people who work in the system), you cant get more accurate than that. Its like every policy that Dalton McGuinty implements… its never thought out he just rams it down our throat whether we like it or not. Hows that for being ignorant?

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