Cornwall-Ottawa Bus in Race to Win “Best Dressed” Award – VOTING LINK – August 26, 2010

Cornwall, ON – The search is on for the best and brightest “wrapped” buses and the Cornwall-Ottawa commuter bus is in a spirited race with seven other motorcoachs for the top prize.

The 2010 BUSRide MotorVision Competition is seeking to find the best-looking free-wheeling creativity on wheels. Two Eastern Ontario entries, one from Cornwall and one from Kingston, appear to be pulling ahead of the competition and making it a two-bus race.  Voting is now underway on the BUSRide website.

(Pictured above Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger and Mr. Mike Delaney who thought up the concept of wrapping the bus before passing away.)

“Our founder Mike Delaney had a vision to create a visual identity for the commuter bus service that would catch people’s eyes on the roads and in Ottawa”, said Mark Begg, Manager of Delaney Bus Lines. “Since we launched the service last year, the response has been terrific and the bus has become a moving landmark in Eastern Ontario.”

The modern motorcoach has been completely wrapped in colourful graphics that include the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, and Lift-Off, Cornwall’s hot-air balloon festival. The bus also prominently displays the City of Cornwall’s logo and urges people to check out the City.  The graphics on the bus, part of which also glows in the dark, were designed by Matt Delaney, son of the late Mike Delaney.

“The commuter bus is an important service for Cornwall and area residents and the entire Delaney team should be congratulated for their creativity and business acumen”, said Bob Kilger, Mayor of Cornwall.  “I would encourage everybody to vote early and often.”

You can vote by following the link below:

Click on the Delaney Coach bus and fill in the required fields and then click vote.

About the Cornwall-Ottawa Commuter Bus
The Cornwall-Ottawa Commuter Bus is at the heart of the daily commuter service from Cornwall to downtown Ottawa, with other stops at St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Lebreton Flats. The bus is on the road a minimum of 5 days per week, in Ottawa and on the 417 and 138 highways. The bus is also available for special short term charters while in Ottawa and elsewhere on the weekend.

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