Bugaboo’s House of Pets Closing Sale – Everything has to go! 101 Pitt Street – Cornwall Ontario – October 22, 2010

Cornwall ON – It’s always sad to see a store closing.   Bugaboos House of Pets at the corner of Pitt and 1st are having their closing sale.

Everything has to go and prices are slashed to the bones….(that’s a pun methinks)

Check out what’s left and get some amazing deals.

The store catered to birds and small animals and did some super work supporting people who needed to find homes for pets they couldn’t keep.

Lily’s baked animal treats really are amazing and I hear she may continue on in the future for those poochies addicted to her munchies!  Visit them today.


  1. So sad. I really hope they reopen in the spring at a better location.
    They were always so welcoming and helpful to anyone who came odd the street, even I’d you didn’t have a ton of money to spend.

  2. That’s rough stuff. Had the guts to try when a lot of people were just sitting on the couch playing stupid computer games. There is a difference between publicity and advertising though…I admire anyone that can start up a business and have the sense to close it when they should. That’s good business sense. Congratulations on not going bankrupt. Take another try. That’s the Canadian way. Your only critics will be people who do nothing and take no chances. Good on you.

  3. One door closes, another door opens. Sincerely sad to this business go. I wish you well. Perhaps a quote by John Dryden noted by Mr. Jim Marshall on another story is appropriate here.

    “I am hurt, but I am not slain; I’ll lay me down and bleed a while, And then I’ll rise and fight again.”
    – John Dryden, from his poem “Sir Andrew Barton” All the best to you in your future endeavors.

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