Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Candidate Gary Samler takes our Mini Proust Questionnaire – October 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – Gary Samler  is running for election to City Council this year and we’ve sent out our mini Proust Quiz to him and several other candidates.

Here are his answers:

CWFN: What would be the biggest surprise that people don’t really know about your?

GS: That I am a survivor. I have always had to live my life filled with setbacks, challenges, hard times ,struggles and growing up with issues of poverty, addiction , lack of confidence and abuse but no matter what happened to me I never gave up .For some unknown reason and for my survival, I knew that somewhere else someone was struggling worse off than me and that whatever happened to me was for a reason.

CWFN: What makes you passionate for being Mayor or Councilor?

GS:I see a need for change. Important social issues affecting so many people who are victims of circumstance living here are being ignored by all 3 levels of government while many others here are living so well.and not much is being done to help those in need.Something has to change soon These changes won’t happen until someone stands up and tells our government that we have had enough of their inaction, unaccountability and not much concern given to help our poor.

CWFN: What’s been the weirdest thing to ever happen to you in your career?

GS: Leaving my job in the Army after seven plus years to transfer over to the Navy without having any former naval experience or ever being around boats or the sea.

CWFN: When you were young did you ever think you’d be Mayor or Councilor of a City?   What advice can you give to young people when it comes to thinking about their future?

GS: No. My wife and I never thought that I would ever be involved in Politics. When I was young I wanted to become a Mountie but I was too small and not bilingual so I entered the military. When I left the service I dedicated my free time to being a father and a grandfather.While living in Toronto I was lucky to informally have talks with a man I respect Mayor Mel Lastman who gave me my first view of municipal politics.After moving and living in Cornwall for a few years someone asked me that if I didn’t like what was going on then I should run. At first I thought it was crazy idea but as I thought about it  more I talked it over with my wife and I realized I’m ready and Why not me? For young people I would tell them that the only way things will change here is if you make the changes yourself by going out to vote to be heard or getting involved with the election campaign in some way.

CWFN:If you could change one thing about Cornwall/Municipality what would it be?

GS:I would like to see a change of how people living outside here view our city. I visited Uxbridge Ontario this past summer and they still thought of Cornwall as Stinktown or that smuggling city. Our old negative image has to improve to other cities.

CWFN: What do you want to be remembered most for one day?

GS: That I am reliable and dedicated.I would also like to be remembered as the guy who actually went out and did something to help those who are homeless or living in poverty in our city.

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