Truffles Burger Bar will rise from the ashes and reopen in a new location in Downtown Cornwall Ontario – December 9, 2010

Cornwall ON – Owners Dominique Gilgen and Ahmad Mansori, are proud to announce that the new home for Truffles Burger Bar will be 155 Pitt Street, located beside the Bank of Montreal.  Although devastated by their loss, they acknowledge the need to get their business back up and running.  Not only are they the parents of two young children, they also feel responsible for their extended family, their dedicated staff.
A new relationship has also been formed, with the owners of 155 Pitt Street, Giovanna Galletto and Eric Charron, working closely with Dominique and Ahmad to assist them in their plans for the future.  Giovanna and Eric, co-owners of Cornwall Business Machines in Downtown Cornwall, acknowledge the importance for neighbours to work together, particularly in a time of need.  Not only has Eric provided some of his renovation crew to assist, but he has been working side by side with them through the clean up process.
Dominique and Ahmad’s thoughts are with the Pommier family and Aline McDonald of KAB Boutique at this difficult time.
They are pleased to see that Pommier Jewellers has been able to reopen for business so quickly and are hopeful that KAB Boutique will soon be in a position to do so, as well.  They would also like to take the time to thank Cornwall Fire Services and the many firefighters that were called out early Sunday morning to battle the fire.  It is because of their dedication and determination that there were no additional buildings and businesses lost in the blaze.
They are also thankful to all who have been involved in the cleanup in the aftermath of the fire, with a special thanks to Eric and his crew and Seaway Express for assisting in the transportation of some of the salvageable contents of the restaurant.  The outpouring of support from the community has overwhelmed them and they would also like to thank everyone for their thoughts and kind words.  Dominique also extends a special thanks to their friend, Dr. Rachel Navaneelan, who has started a donation campaign to assist the staff of Truffles Burger Bar.
“Every time I think about Dr. Rachel and what she is doing for my staff it makes me cry”.
All the necessary steps are now being undertaken to assist Dominique and Ahmad in reopening Truffles Burger Bar in the very near future so that it is once  again a vibrant presence  in Downtown Cornwall.

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  1. Right on!! Excellent location! If you took the whole thing, I really want to see what happens with that location! 😀

    Roo burgers on the return!! 😀

    Great work to everyone else that supported too!! 😀

  2. Cornwall is by no means perfect, but when it comes to neighbours helping neighbours, Cornwall is tops.

  3. Looking forward to the grand reopening! I will offer my help as well…by buying lots of burgers!

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