Letter to the Editor – Larry Kazdan Not Happy with the F-35 – March 13, 2011

Dear Editor

Re:  PM comes to defence of attack aircraft, Terry Pender,  Mar 12 2011

The F-35 purchase will no doubt create high-tech jobs, but so would many other government expenditures totaling between $16 to $30 billion.  But why are we spending this enormous sum through an untendered contract for these particular planes? The government has not made the case for heavily armed stealth bombers, other than that they would provide the Armed Forces with a neat recruiting tool and better integration with the U.S. military.  The F-35 is an aircraft designed for ground attack that will be difficult to land in the north, presents technical problems for refueling, and whose single engine puts our pilots at risk.  Is this really the best plane to protect our Arctic, as Canadians say should be a main priority?  And how will this plane help with urgent humanitarian needs when natural disasters strike?

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Larry Kazdan, Vancouver British Columbia


  1. “Why are we spending this enormous sum for an untendered contract for these particular planes?” The previous Liberal government picked the F-35 as the replacement for our present outdated fighters. The invested $150 Million with the planes builders to go ahead and develop this plane. The Conservative government has only carried on the good work started by the Liberals. Duh, how does any fighter plane help with urgent humanitarian needs when natural disasters strike?

  2. Excellent questions, Mr. Kazdan.

  3. Mr. Kazden’s points are well taken. As to the suggestion that Mr. Harper’s party has only carried on the “good work started by the Liberals,” that is untrue. The Liberals invested 180 million in seed money (not 150) more than a decade ago in a stealth project for which we are now not even to have access to the means to service the aircraft.

    As to the claim that our fighters are outdated, the last of the updated CF-18s was delivered barely a year ago.

  4. Then why do we need to change CF-18 fighters for new ones? Why do we need to change Sea King helicopters for new ones? Because they are too old and kill too many people and don’t measure up to the new technology equipment being sold today!

  5. The F35 appears to be an excellent fighter plane and seemingly few are in disagreement with this fact. Who put up the seed money is quite unimportant in the entire scheme of circumstances. Of importance is whether or not Canada needs such fighting equipment and in my opinion we do not. We must first have a change of government because it will take more devotion to protecting Canada and its citizens than the Harper crowd is willing to provide. Apart from anything else I am tired of hearing, “the Liberals did, this or that so it justifies our position. Garbage, two wrongs never made a right.

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