Why is the Harper Government Delaying GMO Alfalfa Moratorium? March 13, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall ON – A long time ago I learned that there were in fact many people that knew much more about some things than I did.   I know, shocking!   Yet I marvel at how people elected to government, on this case “The Harper Government” seemingly don’t grasp this simple tenet to success.

Police say more guns is probably not the way to go so they fight the gun registry.   People are up in arms about Genetically Modified Crops and how does our government react?

By delaying a moratorium supported by all three other parties in Parliament.   Now that’s scary.

Democracy is about to work, but this government, that was not elected as a majority decides to delay something that farmers and consumers not only in Canada, but around the world have concerns about?

Am I missing something?  Are they?



Conservatives purposefully delayed a vote on the motion for a moratorium on GM alfalfa at today’s Agriculture Committee meeting! A full hour was spent discussing the motion without a vote ever being called. First, Conservatives protested putting the motion ahead of others but the Chair, Conservative Larry Miller, allowed the GM alfalfa motion to be debated. Then the Conservatives delayed until the meeting time ran out. The Liberals, NDP and Bloc members all support the moratorium so if the vote had happened today, the motion would have been approved and the motion would have passed to the House of Commons for a vote! The motion will be debated at the next Committee meeting which could be March 22.

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“Conservatives are playing politics with our future,” said Genevieve Grossenbacher, a young Quebec farmer who attended yesterday’s hearing. “I was shocked by the way the Conservative members wasted time instead of really debating the motion or allowing a vote. It was clear that they were delaying on purpose and it’s unacceptable when there’s so much at stake for farmers.”

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“Conservatives on the Committee said that farmers in their ridings were concerned about GM alfalfa, so why not act?” asked Lucy Sharratt of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

“It is farmers who will pay the costs of contamination if GM alfalfa is approved and we will see the organic farm community decimated across the country,” said Arnold Taylor, a Saskatchewan organic grain farmer and spokesperson for the Canadian Organic Growers. “Alfalfa is irreplaceable as a feed for livestock and as a nutrient source for crops.” Organic farming prohibits the use of GMOs.

Do you dear viewer of The Cornwall Free News want to eat Frankenpigs and not really know the full impact of what’s entering our food chain?

When Farmer’s say they have concerns and all political parties except the one running the minority government agree with Farmer’s should this happen to Canadians?  Do Partisan politics have any role in our food supply and food chain?

We have decimated Bee Populations and many health concerns facing Canadians.  Surely one of the jobs of our government is to protect our society above the concerns of large corporations jamming GMO foods down our throats like livestock?

Here is a video we shot with Dr. Shiv Chopra, a whistleblower that the government eventually booted from his post even though it was decided in court that it was his job to whistle blow on food safety.  Listen to what Dr. Chopra says as it’s an eye opener and to see more of our interview with Dr. Chopra check out our You Tube Channel for all of our video clips.


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