Cornwall Ontario Finishes 90th in Money Sense Magazine Best Places to Live in Canada Rankings – March 29, 2011

Cornwall ON – Money Sense Magazine comes out with a yearly ranking of 180 cities across Canada.

They base their rankings on a variety of factors; Household income, new cars, weather, job prospects.

It’s all pretty interesting.

This year Cornwall Ontario finished right smack in the middle of the pack at 90. That’s not so bad considering the city is in transition.    It has a lot to offer; central location; improving environment and air quality since the big pulp plants shut down; better than average weather for the region and how many cities of its size can boast that you can get just about anywhere in less than ten minutes by car?

No big traffic jams in Cornwall.

To check out your city and see how you ranked click HERE.

The Top 5 cities to live in Canada were Ottawa/Gatineau, Victoria, Burlington, Kingston, and St. Albert AB.

Choose Cornwall

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  1. Pretty good standing I say.

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