So Are Mr. Harper’s People Paying People to Post Comments Online? March 29, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Toronto Craigslist ad

Cornwall ON – Have you ever wondered if that anonymous voice whose words you’re reading is real or not?  Or no matter how badly you’ve proven them wrong they keep spinning back the same BS?   Maybe this could be why?

I’m not sure how much it pays, but this is the first Canadian Federal Election that truly is embracing the net.   You can see it across Facebook, Twitter, and of course online media across the country.

But when groups hire people to posture for them there’s something very Orwellian about it all dontcha think?   It’s not new or unique.

Several companies have been caught having staff going online to posture for their products and spin on message boards, but when it comes to partisan politics and elections it looks like if a party has the money all bets are on?

You can post your comments; I guess paid or otherwise below.

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  1. It’s pretty bad when somebody needs to be hired in order to help media outlets remain fair and balanced.

  2. Is the ad legitimate or just further posturing??

  3. Admin, while I find the content of that ad to be atrocious in nature if true, it could have easily been posted by anyone. This could have been done to invoke a negative spin against the Conservative Government by a Green Party, NDP, or Liberal supporter even. There is absolutely nothing that ties that ad to the Conservative Government at this time.

    I do recall watching videos on CTV News I believe, about the Conservative Government hiring people to better explain their viewpoints on social media sites. However, a blatant ad like that takes it a little too far and it could go any way as to who posted it and what their real intentions are.

    We need to stop with all the negative finger pointing, the endless rhetoric, and we all need to start getting on the same page and just make Canada work. While digging out our Green Party signs from the ice, I had the chance to experience a huge flock of Geese flying by. I took note of all their honking back and forth. Are you done listening to the Goose honking that has been happening in Parliament up to this point so far? Can we leave the past in the past, and look towards our futures?

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