Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – The Trees of our Forests – April 4, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Do you think one person can change things?  Great things can be accomplished by one person  with the will, dedication and passion to move forward with a goal in mind.  Certainly accomplishing an intended goal often requires corralling resources and people on side; however history proves over and over again that there is immense power in “the power of one”. Take for example Ms. Lorraine Lea.  Glengarry resident Lorraine is one of many community members very concerned about our disappearing forests in the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry area. 

She is fully cognizant of the necessity and benefits of forests in maintaining a healthy biodiverse environment.  Forests cool our air, prevent corrosion, provide homes, food, shelter and cover for a multitude of flora and fauna and generally make people feel good.  Just think about how you feel when sitting on a busy street corner on a bench waiting for a bus as opposed in sitting on a park bench surrounded by trees with their leaves rustling in the wind, the birds singing, grasses swaying in the breeze with butterflies and ladybugs flitting about.  I think each one of us would agree the natural world imparts an inexplicable state of well being as opposed to the previous scenario.

With the will and passion to do something about our depleting forests Lorraine has partnered with some local organizations to put on a function which will benefit their mandates, benefit the health and welfare of our community and accomplish the goal of replanting trees in our area.   How great is that?  Lorraine will be collaborating with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and The Raison Region Conservation Authority to present the “Toonie for a Tree” and BBQ event.

This event will take place at the OSPCA office and grounds at 550 Boundry Road, Cornwall, ON Saturday April 23, 2011 from noon until 5 p.m. The OSPCA grounds back onto Gray’s Creek Conservation Area which offers great views and 5 km of trails for a lovely hike through the woods.  So bring the family and enjoy the outdoors for the afternoon. This is also a great occasion to visit the shelter to see the animals presently up for adoption.  There are many beautiful furry souls looking for forever homes.  The seedling trees for the fundraiser have been donated by the RRCA.  They will have information on site to answer questions regarding the care and planting of your new seedling.  All proceeds from the tree sales will benefit the OSPCA.  Carol Link, OSPCA Manger will be on hand to help with any questions or information about adoptions or the shelter.

This “Toonie for a Tree” and BBQ event is being hosted one day after Earth Day in this International Year of Forests.  Exercise your own Power of One and plant a tree.  Your simple act of planting this tree will provide many benefits over its lifetime to you, generations to come and the numerous flora and fauna that we share this living planet with.  Share this information with family and friends or why not invite them to join you for the afternoon.  This is a great opportunity to put the phones, computers and other distractions aside and just enjoy and “be present” in the company you are with.   For further information Contact Lorraine Lea at 613-662-9159 or Carol Link at 613-936-0072.  If you are one of our readers who lives well outside of the Cornwall area or in another province please consider exercising your “Power of One” by organizing your own tree planting initiative.

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