SD&SG Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement Unveils Lib Strategy on Pensions – April 4, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – SD&SG Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement had a busy weekend as she hit the pavement and knocked doors in Morrisburg, Iroquois and Cornwall hitting the open house at the local Armoury to show her support for our troops.

We also received this release from her on her role in releasing the new Liberal platform:

Ottawa- Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement played a prominent role in Ottawa on Sunday, April  3, 2011 when Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff released the Liberal platform featuring the Liberal’s five point plan to strengthen families, in the” Liberal Family Pack.”


For Ms. Clement this is the first time a local Liberal candidate has been asked to play a prominent role in unveiling the party platform.  It was also a first for Canadian politics in that no other  national party has launched their platform in an streamed live and on line town hall meeting form that drew thousands of participants from coast to coast to coast, plus national television and media coverage.


Ms. Clement was introduced by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and  asked  to explain the “Stronger Public Pensions”  policy being proposed by the Liberals in their  five point family pack platform.


“I was honoured when invited by the leader to pre tape this segment and explain how we as Liberals will act to enhance the Canada Pension Plan to make it easier for retirement, and provide help for low income seniors,” said Ms. Clement.


Ms. Clement was one of four Liberal candidates  across the country who was asked to play a role in the platform unveiling.


Other points in the platform included the Liberal Canadian Learning passport, to help families pay for college and university. Early childhood learning and care to create more high quality affordable child care spaces. Family care to help family caregivers take time off from work to care for sick loved ones, and to help with the costs of caregiving. A green renovation tax credit to help families save on energy costs while helping the environment.


“We as Liberals have listened to Canadians over the past two and a half years and have presented a platform that truly reflects the needs and interests of Canadian families.  I look forward to talking to residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry over the remaining days of this campaign and demonstrate to them with our platform book that the Liberal alternative is one of hope and in the real interests of Canadian families,” said Ms. Clement.

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  1. Good Luck Bernadette
    In reading Jamie’s write up it appears you or he is missing some very important information.
    Canadian Pension Plan reform is much in need; however it does not say how you will improve the plan. I am sure it entails some form of monetary growth. Where will the liberals be gaining the revenue to pay into the pension plan?

    The Liberals propose or as the article states Liberal Canadian Learning passport to help people pay for post secondary education.
    Again the first question I have asks where will you find the money?
    Following that I would like to know if helping people afford education is a better path than reducing the cost of education. How do you justify a university that can afford to pay the Dean $500,000 as well as pay them a package when they quit their post earnings in excess of 1 million dollars?
    Would you consider being honest with future students and remove courses which will not provide a future for them. Teachers are still mass produced costing students around $60.000. When they graduate there is little to no chance of finding employment. Also starting life with that much debt is really not fair considering how much professors and Deans earn to mislead them into a bright future that does not exist.

    Should the liberals be elected can you assure us we will not hear Iggy claim, “We are unable to provide some of the programs discussed in our campaign due to lack of funds left by our predecessors”…..

    You like all liberals offer money without accountability. This article is nothing more then promising Canadians a future without telling us how it will be done.

  2. Hey it’s an election. Political parties make promises. As I have said before all you can do is look back at the promises and see if they kept them, like a commitment to transparency and ethics in government. The liberals probably can fund their educational promises by renegotiating the jet deal and cancelling the super prisons. Remember it took the liberals with Paul Martin as finance minister to dig Canada out of the last big deficit that the Conservatives left.

  3. Go, Bernadette, go! Everything to gain, nothing to lose. The so-called “Harper Government” has zero credibility on:

    * managing the economy (historic deficit of $56 Billion)
    * spending our taxes ($30 Billion plus on jets and mega prisons; $1 Billion on G20)
    * human rights (police actions at the G20; treatment/neglect of Canadian citizens detained overseas; treatment of Afghan detainees)
    * climate change (Harper government routinely owns the podium with annual Dinosaur award )
    * health care (not a priority)
    * poverty (Harper government cuts corporate taxes, while poverty and homelessness statistics grow in Canada, a leading developed nation)
    * international relations (no seat for Canada at the UN Security Council; Canada increasingly considered a militaristic nation instead of a peace-keeping nation)
    * democracy (first government in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament; suppression of flow of information by cancelling long-form census)
    * accountability and transparency (a sick joke: the Harper government’s ultimate deceit)
    * working with the civil service (dismissal and/or character destruction of anyone putting the interests of Canada ahead of the Harper government)
    * nuclear safety (dismissal of Linda Keen for putting safety first, following the principle that Harper knows better, including all about nuclear risk)

    What have I missed?

    Just this: How can any decent, clear-thinking, fair-minded person, who truly believes in democracy, put their X to a vote to re-elect a single member of such a government?

  4. Reg
    If you bring past practices into play,

    Past Practices, was Martin not under investigation for his businesses while PM? Canadian Steamship lines I think it was.

    Martin removed opposition day in which opposition would set the agenda. The conservatives were going to hold a no confidence vote. He also sided with Layton offering to reduce the corporate tax cuts if the NDP sided with the liberals.
    So we have liberals offering corporate tax cuts which is no different than the conservatives, and we have the liberals changing house practices to eliminate being over thrown.

    More past Part practices the infamous Chretien Redbook….

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    We can compare bed pans on this topic for hours and in all honesty to no avail. I think we want the same result but probably with a different approach.

    You must also consider the liberals have never ever led the country through the economic controversy that Harper has, they did lose an election in its wake though. On the global scale we have fared out one of the best countries. Have a quick review of recent Canadian History, the liberals always fall apart at the beginning of economic turn downs.

    I am not sure how far along the Jet deal has gone but if the liberals renegotiate the deal we would need to consider penalties and the cost of renegotiations. Which is to say they can boast a cheaper deal to manufacture but how much did all the renegotiations cost?

    Super prisons
    Are they really a bad idea considering the aging facilities we have now? Many are in need of repair and some of which will be costly. Personally I like the economical balance, $60,000/yr to house a convict and about $0.85 for a bullet. But at this time I doubt that is an option.
    We could take a lesson from the US and allow them to be privately owned as well. That way we could have the tenants become somewhat productive again. The lands at Domtar and Courtaulds need some reclamation, it would be significantly cheaper then sourcing the construction costs out.

    So again I ask where will the money come from?

  5. I do believe that the reason for the speedy economic recovery has been assigned to decades of good management by all political parties. It is the Canadian way. Steven Harper cannot lay claim to be the only reason.

    Yes, Paul Martin was investigated as was/is Brian Mulroney. None of what you have brought up invalids my first post.

  6. Nobody was trying to validate your post. Reg
    Was just showing evidence that no one side is any better or worse when it comes to policy. Yes the years of management are what have us in a more stable economy. It just takes a good captain to stay the ship during troubled times and that my friend was Harper.

    Just look at what iggy proposes to do again….spend. A method we have seen all too often from the liberals. They are seeking votes based on sentiment and greed. As I stated before, in the end they, the liberals, will refuse the offerings claiming their predecessors wasted all the money just like Paul Martin has done.

  7. And re: the last idiot post, a $56 Billion deficit plus $30 Billion on fighter jets (for what practical purpose?) plus billions more on mega prisons is not spending?

  8. PJR the Cons were not solely responsible for the $56M deficit, the Libs, NDP and BLOC had to sign off on it too. The $30B on fighter jets is a necessity to upgrade equipment for our fighting forces (you know, those guys who are laying their lives on the line every day) , not like us who sit comfortably at home just criticizing everything and everyone around us. The mega prisons are required in case the Libs ever get into power again.

  9. Lame defence CK

  10. We find money by selling Treasury Bills and moving money previously allocated from Project A to Project B. Putting resources into educational institutions will rid the need for extreme prison expense. People normally go to school during times of fewer jobs – build one, they will come.

    On another note: If E. May had won her point about access to the TV media debate in court, that would have abrogated the right to free speech which includes, who a medium decides to talk to, interview or portray. Editorial control of any media would have passed to the non-risking taking, non-investor – you took risk with free speech, Mz May. Now I know your stand.

  11. 56 billion defecit to bail out people and business. Would the liberals have done the same? You bet your sweet bippy onnly difference is it would hav been in Quebec.

    The jets will stabalize the economy somebody needs to build them.

  12. No way I want guaranteed Canada Pension Reform, I want Private Pensions for Profit that I can’t afford to pay into. I want mega-prisons to keep me warm and fed when I break a store front window to grab a loaf of bread, and $200 million F-35’s, made in the good old US of A, flying overhead to keep me in line the next time I protest a multi-billion dollar G20/8 photo-op. That’s my Canada! Is it yours? Hooray!!!!!

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