MP Guy Lauzon Hoping Dead Can Vote? Photo of Lauzon Election Signs in Area Cemetery – April 11, 2011

St. Andrews Ontario – Is MP Guy Lauzon hoping the dead can vote?   Pictures of his sign planted in a Cemetery near his home in SD&SG were submitted to us early Monday by an upset voter who thought it was terribly tacky to have election signs in a cemetery.

No comments have been returned from Mr. Lauzon’s office or Paul’s Hill cemetery.     Speaking of signs there have been reports of both NDP and Liberal signs having been removed or damaged.   No complaints of any missing or damaged Conservative ones.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Totally beneath contempt and beyond all redemption but, sadly, no surprise at all. It’s a well known fact that Guy Lauzon crashed a funeral to solicit votes during one of his earlier campaigns so this comes as no great shock. He will NEVER earn either my vote or my respect.

  2. Scumbags. Wasn’t that Rick Hillier’s handy term? When the cap fits…

  3. Just to point out, that although it doesn’t change the tacky behavior, that cemetery is on Avonmore Road, just south of Avonmore Village and I am sure the sign was not put there by Lauzon himself. I know of the campaigning during an election at the wake as it was members of my immediate family involved. He greeted all the mourners and was confronted by Kim Fry, niece of the deceased, a 52 year old cancer victim, Kim is a former NDP candidate both here and in Toronto. Later he claimed that he thought the deceased was the wife of a good friend and neighbor who had been buried 1 or 2 weeks before. Must of been a great friend as he recognized nobody in the family, did not know the family name and even offered condolences to the deceased woman’s grieving sister by saying he was sorry about the death of her mother. You cannot imagine how distressed the family was over that gaff.

  4. Would love to see this on front page of the Freeholder! No surprise to me either, last election I woke up to his sign on my front lawn. Had to call them and say hell, I am not voting for you come and get it which they never did.

  5. Why shouldn’t he put a sign there? After all, dead people are on record as having voted before in this country. At one time it was an old-time Liberal trick, but hey, why not? Harper’s not stupid, he can learn corruption from anyone. Guy obviously needs all the help he can get this election, and there aren’t too many dead people who will complain about his misrepresentation of this riding.

  6. Saw a liberal sign with ADSCAM in marker and there was a newspaper article about some candidtates signs having a gun target….

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