Great Food at the Long Sault Farmers Market – Coffey’s Coffee & Fine Teas too! – Friday June 10, 2011

Long Sault ON – All lot of people were wondering where the heck Coffey’s Coffee was last week at the opening of the Cornwall Farmers Market?   He was in Long Sault at their Market on Friday afternoons!   You can find Reg Coffey and his amazing line of locally roasted coffee’s and new line of gourmet teas at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market every Friday afternoon in front of the shopping centre.

And like any good market it’s all about the food and produce.

Avonmore Berry Farms was there with their munchies as was the Swiss Bakery from Embrun!

There was even some amazing Thai food and those Spring Rolls were amazing!   You can check out the Long Sault Farmers Market every Friday afternoon!   And to purchase Coffey’s Coffee products locally stop at Island Inkjet on 3rd and Pitt just across from the Royal bank.

Island Ink JetCoffey's Coffee


  1. Can you let us know what the hours of operation are Friday afternoons please?

  2. Author

    Hi Jacqueline, I think it starts at 2 PM??

  3. To what time??

  4. Ok….I found the information in one of your previous stories….to 6 p.m.

  5. Coffey’s coffee is always available at Island Ink-Jet (INTERNET CAFE) at 8 Third Street West in Cornwall. For coffee drinkers we are always brewing coffee and tea daily from 7AM (Sundays excluded). You can even buy a pound of fabulous Coffey’s coffee and have it custom ground should you wish. We have many exotic teas available too. Cups and teapots on sale presently.

  6. 3 pm until 7 pm.

  7. I visited the market as always to get the fresh eggs and some of the pastries. Some good foods there!

    I did hear an part of interesting discussion with Reg regarding his coffee. A patron was heard asking Reg if the coffee he sells is assured not to be sold by companies using slavery or child labour. Not sure what the answers was but I would love to hear what Reg had to say.

    I hope this is not a post that you fear releasing Jamie as I believe it is a legitimate question, and following in line with the many discussions posted here.


  8. Author

    smee the only posts of yours not allowed are attacks. We have a very clear rule about anonymous user id’s and attack posts. If you want to lob cow patties at people sign your name. 🙂

  9. OK Smee, I’ll tell you about the source of my coffee but first I have to correct you again. The Long Sault Market is open from 2 PM to 6 PM.

    I buy my coffee from two importers, the Green Beanery in Toronto and Terra Coffee in Montreal.

    According to the web page, “Green Beanery is a Canadian non-profit company, created and staffed by environmentalists at Probe International and its sister organizations. We not only strive to bring you extraordinary coffees and coffee-making products from around the world, we also work to right failings in the world-wide coffee industry.” Many of the coffees I buy from them are Fair Trade and Organic Certified. The rest are certified by Probe International themselves as being responsible coffees i.e. small growers that get paid a reasonable price.

    Most of the coffees from Terra Coffee are UTZ certified or they are purchased directly from small growers. Terra Coffee describes their coffees as responsible coffees.

    Now, knowing your provocative and untrusting nature I have to say that no, I haven’t actually visited the coffee plantations to confirm all of my suppliers claims. However, I have gotten to know my suppliers and they appear trustworthy.

    Does that answer your question?

  10. Interesting Reg and thanx for you reply. There was some interesting reading on the sites.

    I was reading the Green Beanery webpage and found an interesting bit on coffee. It states “No less important, freshly roasted beans produce incomparably superior coffee – beans begin to lose their flavor within hours of roasting and they become stale in a matter of weeks.”

    I looked at the Australian Skybury coffee just as an example. A 3kg bag in Aus will cost about 96 dollars Aus funds, $1.00 Can is about $1.03 Aus, here from Terra coffee it is $190 for the same amount. It also states on the Terra page that it is an exclsive coffee where the Skybury plnatation just presents it as a coffee that they grow.

    Any idea why it would be considered exclusive from Terra?

  11. Smee, I have never asked that question but I would guess that the only Canadian source of Skybury green coffee beans is Terra Coffee. That would make it exclusive in Canada. I have not found a Canadian source for the Skybury, although I have not done an exhaustive search. Also comparing the price of a coffee bean at the plantation in Australia to what a broker in Canada can sell for is not a fair comparison. Aside from shipping costs there are multiple levels of costs when dealing with coffee even if you purchase it directly from the plantation. A Kona coffee grower in Hawaii tells me that they can sell me coffee beans for $15.00 per lb plus shipping and expenses. I did the math and it works out to about $35 per lb at my door.

    So Smee, what is the point of your comments. Are you insinuating that Terra Coffee is not reputable because of their use of the exclusive term?

  12. It does pose a query don’t you think Reg,
    Is it truly exclusive as promoted or just a marketing ploy? Not saying one is any better then the other just asking how credible they might be.

    What about your opinion on the information found on the Green Beanery webpage It states “No less important, freshly roasted beans produce incomparably superior coffee – beans begin to lose their flavor within hours of roasting and they become stale in a matter of weeks.”

  13. Question for ya Reg
    I drove by the market today and all the signs read open from 3 until 7. Can you clarify is it now 2 til 6 as you stated earlier?

    I think someone should update the signs if the time differs

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