SD&SG MPP Brownell Not Happy with Partisan Conservative Media Attack – June 10, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario HD VIDEO

Cornwall ON – MPP Jim Brownell was present at the Cornwall Community Hospital for probably his last time officially as MPP.    Mr. Brownell is retiring, but as he stated:

Since being elected healthcare has always been my number one concern.

That sentiment seemed to be echoed from management and staff at the hospital who were present.

Mr. Brownell was incensed at a Claude Macintosh piece in the Standard Free Holder that smacked of “Old School” partisan politics and had the following to say about that and some of the pre-election politicking being done by the Tim Hudak team as SD&SG is a hotly contested riding considered up for grabs in the October Ontario Provincial election:


More on the presentation and numbers as we edit video.

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  1. Bravo Jim! Everyone in the riding knows and appreciates how much you have done for hospitals and healthcare in our communities. The Hudak Con allegations are outrageous.

  2. We can’t have conservatives in Ottawa and Toronto. We need balance.

  3. I can not stand McGuinty, he is contrary to the values and integrity I anticipate of people. He is the poster icon for lying politicians along with tax and spend policies. McGuinty makes Pinocchio appear to be neutered at the noise! In expressing my personal disdain for Dalton McGuinty, I must say Jim Brownell has worked hard as MPP, achieved results, represented us well and has done us proud. My hat is off to you Mr. Brownell.

    Can not recall the name, however another MPP had a complaint against our MPP… claimed he was getting too big a share of monies for this riding. Bravo Mr. Jim Brownell, another testimonial to your hard work and dedicated efforts.

    You are with my respect and appreciate, and that of many others also!

  4. I’m no fan of McGuinty either, but at least he isn’t a sadistic thug. The lingering stink of Mike (I want the f…ing Indians out of the park) Harris is still with us, and Hudak has the same stink.

  5. Did not vote previous provincial election as I was euchred. I could not and will not cast a vote for McGuinty. My dislike and disrespect for this political icon of lies is too great. On the other hand I viewed Brownell as a better choice than the Conservative candidate. It forced me to opt not to vote.

    Hudak I have not heard much about. It’s as if he has been keeping a low profile until election time. I prefer to get a feel of someone over a period of time as I vote for the person as much as I vote for the Party. Not sure what happens this election as I am assessing options as events progress.

  6. Author

    yes the last Con candidate in this riding was not a very reputable or honorable person.

  7. Bravo Jimbo, you’ve done good!!! Rah rah rah

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