The Cornwall Free News! Still the Fastest Growing Media in Eastern Ontario! Still number one in Cornwall! July 3, 2011

Cornwall ON – You’ve been good to us this month our loyal 50,000+ viewers of The Cornwall Free News.  We reached a new milestone with our highest Canadian rating on

We’re still number one with a Canadian rating of 2,313 most popular site for our country which is the highest rating here in Cornwall.

The Standard Free Holder is in at number 2 at 4,406 followed by The Cornwall Daily at 6,799 with The Seaway News trailing the pack at 14, 663.  Of course you have to break down the numbers to really get a feel for things, an example being that the Free Holder and Cornwall Daily use a lot of syndicated material; IE stories from other outlets in their chains and there’s one site in the area that lives and dies by aggregated (links to other more popular media) to get their numbers.

Without you we wouldn’t be one of the fastest growing independent media sources in Canada!   We’re getting more submissions of content which is always good as we love to share what people are passionate about across our great country.

Summer is getting into high gear and we’re also preparing for the Fall election season here in Ontario and in the other provinces going to the polls.

If you have a subject that you feel passionate about or want to talk about where you live email us at and we’ll do our best to make sure you can share with our viewers!

We’re very excited about our Arts and Culture partnership which will allow Artists, Venues, Organizations, and Events to gain full exposure without having to pay anything.   That’s right; because of the sponsorship of our area and business partner we will be able to showcase the amazing talent that originates from SD&G with the rest of the country.  More to come on that soon!

Cornwall Free News

So thank you again for reading the fastest growing media company  in Canada and please remember if you get a chance to thank our many sponsors because without their support we couldn’t bring you News, Views, and Reviews 24/7 from Cornwall Ontario!

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  1. However you are not truly audited nor using stats based on your web traffic. You are using Alexa and other tools which are easily manipulated. I’ll still get my news from real sources like a newspaper or radio station thank you!

  2. Author

    Bob you are 100% correct. Until there are systems in place to compare numbers similar to some of the inaccurate ones currently in place based on small samplings, we will use the system based on millions of entries of data that compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

    I love the fact that you as a viewer can enter any site in the world and compare it to others. And I can tell that unlike quite a few sites we’re happy to take any challenge with any site and are quite proud of our over 50,000 viewers per month from Canada of which over half are viewing from right here in Ontario for our non-aggregated content.



  3. You realize of course Jamie, that about 10,000 of those monthly hits is me! 🙂
    So given that fact, you probably really have between five and twenty “viewers” per month.
    Just kidding.

  4. Author

    lol furtz those are viewers, not hits or page views 🙂

  5. Wow! Are you saying that 50000 individuals are viewing your site per month? If so, that’s pretty freakin’ impressive.

  6. Author

    Yes furtz and they read your comments 😉 I get some odd and interesting comments in meetings about some of the stuff posted by people here.

  7. Well, Jamie, we both know that if I didn’t post here, your site would be dead in the water. No?
    I accept PayPal and Visa.

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