Letter to the Editor – Dan Sauve of Ottawa Ontario Supports the Monarchy in Canada – July 4th, 2011

The heir to the Canadian throne located in Her Majesty’s Canadian Parliament and the future King of Canada – H.R.H. Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge has landed in Prince Edward Island, a province named after his Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather .
Now that’s continuity and stability 🙂
Why anyone would want to abolish The Dominion of Canada’s constitutional monarchy is beyond me?


Her Majesty’s loyal Canadian subject,

Dan Sauve, Ottawa Ontario

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  1. Good letter, Dan, I agree. Especially as this young man appears to combine substance with style and charisma—qualities in very short supply among Canada’s current ruling élite. In other words, Prince William is looking more and more like a highly positive model for the young, and that’s heartening.

  2. You got that right, Dan Sauve. A Prime Minister or a President cares about their country for four years. A King or Queen cares for a century.

  3. I wish these two people all the best.
    I find it amusing people are not tearing a strip off the government for policing costs and the like for the royal visit. All this money spent on a figurative monarchy.

    What does this visit actually accomplish?
    How much money was spent in the UK alone on just the wedding, a country not unlike ours that is currently facing economic challenges.
    Then we have a monarchy that was built on pillaging and stealing as it colonized on its global conquests. I guess had these conquests happened in 1940’s it would have better remembered.

    Then more recently a fine Lady parishes in an accident with her lover, i am sure you could not find many people in the UK which believe it to have been an accident.

    It would be absolutely amazing to walk the corridors of buckingham palace and see all the rooms and their contents, then if only the walls could talk

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