Hudak led PC’s Opposed Infrastructure Funding in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry – July 12, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

The New Benson Centre Would Not be Built with infrastructure dollars Hudak led PC's would not support

Cornwall ON –   Hundreds of  jobs have been created in SD&SG and Cornwall as a result of provincial infrastructure investments in local priorities like


–              $8,777,861 for local road and bridge improvements


–              $1,700,000 for the construction of a new emergency and medical services headquarters  in Cornwall.


–              $9,221,465 for the construction of a new multi-sport facility in Cornwall.


–              $5,000,000 for upgrades to Moulinette Hall at St. Lawrence College’s Cornwall        Campus.

Infrastructure stimulus investments in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry are creating and supporting 900 jobs.  The province has invested a total of $27,425,440 toward infrastructure stimulus projects in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

But the PC Party and Tim Hudak opposed these projects. Hudak even said he didn’t think investing in infrastructure to create jobs and stimulate the economy during the recession was the right approach (TVO’s The Agenda, March 31, 2009).


“The Hudak PCs are a threat to jobs in our community,” said MPP Jim Brownell.


“The Hudak  PCS, didn’t support saving 400,000 auto sector jobs during the recession, and they don’t support investing in local projects to create jobs in our community.”



“Because of the investments made by the McGuinty Government and the hard work of Ontarians, our economy is turning the corner. More Ontarians are at work today and Ontario families & seniors will benefit from new and better infrastructure in the future,” Brownell stated.



“The PCs have a long history of cutting jobs, hospitals and schools that working families need,  said Liberal candidate Mark MacDonald and ‘I believe in an Ontario that is worth fighting for,”   MacDonald stated.

Added bonus.   Here is the new Liberal video spot.


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  1. McGuinty aims to axe 1,400 public-service jobs

    Ontarians pay price for Liberals’ backfiring green energy plans

    I guess one is no better then the other.

  2. Backfiring green energy plans? We are having energy surpluses instead of blackouts…..ALA Eves Governemnt and John Baird as energy minister….might want to check those facts again.

  3. I’m no fan of either party but can we finally put to bed this idea that government can create jobs!

    Government spending, including spending designed to stimulate employment, may be derived from three sources. The first is taxes. If individual income taxes are raised by $3 billion to fund our stimulus projects, disposable income is reduced by $3 billion. Consequently, individuals will demand less clothing, fewer appliances, and so on. Private sector employers will notice and respond by laying off workers. Since most of us will agree that we can spend our income more efficiently than can the government if only for the fact we do not have to pay a bureaucratic overhead charge—lay-offs in the affected companies will exceed the employment added by companies constructing the new projects.

    If corporate taxes are raised instead of individual income taxes, they will eventually result in higher prices for consumers, lower real wages for workers, and lower returns for investors. All of these result in a decreased ability to buy clothing and appliances with the net result that unemployment increases, not decreases.

    A second source of funds is government borrowing, but this borrowing increases the price of lendable funds, which reduces the amount of investment in the private sector. Consequently, fewer new factories, machines, and homes will be built. Not only does this decrease in private investment slow economic growth, it results in additional unemployment in these industries.

    A final source of funds is the government’s central bank, which can create new money. However, this monetary inflation results in price inflation by eroding the purchasing power of the dollar. This decrease in purchasing power will eventually increase unemployment as well.

    Unfortunately, the political appeal of government spending stems from the fact that the jobs created are noticeable to the average voter, while the handful of jobs lost here and there are not attributed to the government spending program. Government needs to reduce spending and taxes in order to leave income in the hands of individuals who earned it and who can spend it much more efficiently than the government can.

    /end rant lol

  4. Jim for Finance Minister would get my vote.

    We have seen over the last few years that these new jobs come from more government administration which then needs more revenue, from US, the taxpayer.

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