Cornwall Free News Hosts a Video All Candidates Debate for SD&G – Post Your Question before July 28th!


Cornwall ON – Thursday July 28 we will be hosting an All Candidates debate for the upcoming Provincial election for SD&G Ontario at the Best Western Plus Parkway Inn and Conference Centre in Cornwall Ontario.   The debate will be video taped for broadcast in its entirety here on The Cornwall Free News.

The candidates seek to fill big shoes of retiring MPP Jim Brownell!

You have the opportunity to post your questions below as we will be choosing from the best to ask the candidates.

Jim McDonell is running for the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario.  From his website:

Jim McDonell has been a resident of the riding of Stormont,Dundasand South Glengarry for 52 years, living primarily in Williamstown in South Glengarry.  With his wife, school teacher Margie MacDonell, he shares three children in their twenties:  Marion, Chelsea and Bernie.  Jim studied Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University and went on to work 32 years in Telecommunications atBellCanada.  He has been the Mayor of South Glengarry for the past 8 years and prior to that was a councillor in the townships of South Glengarry and Charlottenburgh.  He was also a Warden for the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry in 2006.

AtBellCanada, Jim was involved in securing three rounds of provincial funding that provided high speed internet to almost 100% of his township, a first in ruralOntario. Through his involvement with municipal government Jim has interacted with a variety of provincial administrations.  He has been frustrated by increasing unnecessary provincial regulation and the negative effect this has on our province, especially in rural areas.  At Queen’s Park, Jim plans to advocate for predictable municipal funding, elimination of over-regulation and better health care.  With 17 years in municipal government, 27 years as a community volunteer and a background in agriculture as well as engineering, Jim has what it takes to represent the people of Stormont,Dundasand South Glengarry in the Ontario Legislature.

Elaine MacDonald is running for the NDP  from her facebook page:   LINK

Elaine MacDonald is a second-term city councillor in Cornwall and president of the Cornwall and District Labour Council. In both capacities, Elaine works to promote sustainability of the local community from an economic, environmental and social perspective. As councillor, she chairs the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation and sits on the Raisin Region Conservation Authority and the Committee of Management at GlenStorDun Lodge, which is a municipally owned and operated longterm care facility.

Professionally, Elaine is a recently retired teacher who taught for a number of years at St. Lawrence High School and Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School. Prior to being elected municipally, Elaine ran federally for the New Democratic Party. Her curriculum vitae includes a long history of union work and community activism, especially in labour and healthcare. As a committed feminist and advocate of women’s empowerment, Elaine  is a member of Women Entrepreneurs of Cornwall and Area and a founding member of the SD&G Coalition for Social Justice.

Elaine`s entry into politics was inspired by her aunt, Enid MacDonald, who served as the first woman on the Counties Council of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry in the 1960`s and by her daughter Maggie MacDonald, who ran for the provincial NDP in the election of 1999. Since that election, Elaine has worked on all the NDP campaigns in the riding. Currently, she sits on the Election Planning Committee for the province and is one of the Eastern Representatives on the Provincial NDP Executive.

Elaine has family roots in Alexandria and Williamstown, was educated at Iona Academy, Ottawa U, Ottawa Teachers’ College, the University of Western Ontario and OISE. She resides in Cornwall with her partner, David Denneny. Her hobbies are reading, kiting, sewing and playing Scrabble.

Mark MacDonald is running for the Liberal Party of Ontario.   He has very big shoes to fill as long time incumbent Jim Brownell is retiring.   From his website:  LINK

Mark MacDonald is a retired fire inspector, active volunteer, and loving father and grandfather.

As someone who lived in social housing and rose to become Chair of the Cornwall & Area Housing Corporation, Mark knows the value of hard work – and the importance of protecting the public services that help us all.

A lifelong resident of the area and former City Councillor in Cornwall, Mark understands our community and the challenges we face.  Coming from a family of ten, he also knows the value of family, and of compromise.

You’ll be able to see all of the action in HD video so remember to ask your questions by posting below!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Good Luck to all the candidates! I would like to hear each parties plan to help the economy and can please describe how the exact same plan will help small businesses hire new people!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  2. I will be happy if any of those running know what a Coronal Mass Ejection is, and my question: What are your plans for improving the hardening transformers and electrical equipment? Do you think Ontario should engage in a plan to protect transformers with ground resisters? My second question is: Do any of those running have bank accounts or financial instruments out side of Canada?

  3. Dear Editor,

    We have three excellent candidates who all have municipal experience, and who are all trying to make the leap into provincial politics. I would like to wish Jim McDonell, Mark MacDonald, and Elaine MacDonald all the best this October.

    My question is how will your political party if elected improve health care for Ontarians, from the emergency room, to home care, to long-term care? Will eye care services and chiropractic services (eliminated in 2004) remain not covered by OHIP under your party? Does your party plan to eliminate other services currently covered by OHIP? Does your party support moving towards more private health care? Will your party increase, decrease, eliminate, or maintain the current Ontario Health Premium rates? Are there ways we can reduce health care cost without reducing vital services and patient care? Will quality health care be universally accessible to all Ontarians under your party’s plan?

    Thank you for your time,
    Jason Setnyk

  4. “In 2009, almost 1.7 million people in Ontario were living in poverty costing Ontario households up to $2,900.00 a year in related costs to healthcare,education,housing, criminal justice and lost productivity. Eradicating poverty would release billions of dollars of savings in all these areas. What is your vision for an Ontario without poverty and how do you propose we get there? Thank you.

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