What would be the most effective way to create jobs and/or stimulate the economy? SD&SG All Candidates Debate Continues HD VIDEO

 Cornwall ON –  We continue with our All Candidates debate for the upcoming Ontario Provincial elections in October to succeed retiring MPP Jim Brownell .   Remember you can click to HD and watch full screen for your full enjoyment of this segment of the debates and all of our videos!

In this installment the question asked is:

What would be the most effective way to create jobs and/or stimulate the economy?



To hear the candidates opening statements click HERE.

What would you and your party do to help Small Business in SD&SG?

Stay tuned for the four remaining questions and closing statements from Mark A MacDonald, Jim McDonell, and Elaine MacDonald as they vie for your vote to replace Jim Brownell in the October Provincial election!




  1. Again with the tragic Walkerton story. It was a couple of brothers, one with a drinking problem (not ” a little too much to drink”)that was under trained and falsified lab results, the other was the supervisor who did a very poor job.
    There was an unusual freak rainstorm that washed cow patties into unprotected well heads making this the perfect storm.

    Seems a little tough for the bookends to stay on message, unless part of that message to talk trash about the other party.
    Kinda reminds me of Paul Martin asking Jack Layton during a debate if his handlers just told him to keep talking…..

  2. Eric, those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Trivializing the Walkerton tragedy by blaming it on a couple of drunks is a way of trying to forget the past. The problem was not a couple of drunks, it was a systemic lack of oversight that was thought to be an unnessesary expense by the Consevative government.

  3. When Harris was in the process of gutting the ministry responsible for water safety, the chief medical officer of Ontario tried repeatedly to warn him of the danger. Harris refused to listen, or even talk to him. The officer eventually resigned in disgust, and sadly, a lot of people died and got terribly sick.

  4. And between the “bookends,” Eric, (you’re so respectful) minimal eye contact, awkward body language, seemingly unable to communicate without a script—three strikes in my view.

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