Olymel in Cornwall Ontario Shuts Down Leaving 320 Without Work UPDATED

Cornwall ON –   An unannounced shut down at the Olymel plant in Cornwall Ontario left 320 workers out in the cold.  The plant specializes in the production of bacon.   The plant will be shut for a minimum of four weeks according to employees affected that contacted us.   No official statement has been released from Olymel and we’re trying to confirm more details.  As recently as July the company was looking for new production staff.

We will be following up on this story as news breaks.  You can reach us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or 613 361 1755 if you have any info.


9:30 AM

Richard Vigneault, Olymel spokesperson confirmed to me that due to technical and operational reasons the plant will be temporarily shut down, and that approximately 320 employees are affected.

They are hoping to have the employees return as soon as possible.


Dear members, the Union has been informed tonight by the Employer that he will announce tonight a plant shut down that should last between 4 to 6 weeks. Maintenance employees will remain at work for the duration of the shut down and shipping/receiving employees should remain schedule till the products in inventory be shipped to the customers.  As most of you noticed lately, there has been an increase of condensation on ceilings, walls and equipments, which has forced the employer to address the situation and therefore prevent potentials problems of sanitation. The quality of the products hasn’t been compromised, it is as a preventive measure that the Employer is taking this responsible approach. The Employer is not planning to close the plant, all the investments announced remain, both new lines will be installed as planned, this is a $600 000.00 investment. The Employer will contact E.I. and request someone from their office to come to the plant and set up files. The Employer will offer employees that still have unscheduled vacation to schedule their vacation during that period if they choose to, otherwise the Employer will issue records of employment.
The Union and the Employer will remain in contact as there are still some points that need to be discussed.
We will keep you inform of any new development.
The Union will also schedule a membership shortly, you should received the notice via mail.
In the mean time, feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Daniel Mercier
Union Representative
Locals 175 & 633

Wine Kitz



  1. sort of funny how the company no longer uses the local cleaning company ‘clean all” who never had a problem cleaning and disinfecting the machine but instead brought in a cleaning company from quebec putting more cornwallins on the unemployment line and since this change production has been stopped numerous times at the beginning of the shift due to improper cleaning of machines and moisture which if left unattended causes todays problem of listeria and on a foot note it would of been nice if the employer could of informed its employees on wednesday afternoon instead of waiting for them to come to work on thursday morning and would of even of been nicer if our union representative Daniel Mercier could of gotten outta bed and been at the plant when the company told us about the lay off instead the ladies from Hr tell us to contact them and I see everyone is looking for their phone extensions on facebook because the company has a automated phone service and we can not get in touch with anyone

  2. I like the part where they booted out the night shift with out a taxi ride home. Spending 600,000 grand but couldn’t fork up cab fare…hmmm. Did you hear that the Union is going to give the membership $400 each to help until UIC is available? No neither did I.

  3. Union at Olymel? All they do is take membership fees and print a newsletter. They’re no more union than a group of girl scouts selling cookies.
    Everyone has seen this one coming though – Google up Olymel’s history in Quebec – they have consistent problems with keeping their locations and products clean.
    What a shame.

  4. paul was no where to be found when we had the meeting wedensday night in pre-cook.one person tried to get back in and wendy opened the door and booted her out.and when the day shift showed up thursday morning and got there meeting,they were paid 4 hours,thats not right.

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