NDP in Turmel – 2 Points for Mr. Harper – Layton Legacy, and will Thomas Mulcair be able to Truly Save the NDP? August 3, 2011

Cornwall ON –  The old saying “Don’t Kick a Dog When It’s Down” does’t apply in politics or as one of my old associates answered when posed this question:  “Why not?  It’s the best time?”

Many whispered that the reason Jack Layton pulled down the Harper government was that he knew in six months time he would not be able to run.   I’m not judging the veracity of that whisper or if true the impact behind the sentiment.

When I interviewed Mr. Layton it was clear, besides the fact that he was a great interview one on one, that he was very proud of his record as leader of his party and that each election he led garnered more seats for his party.     I’m sure even he never truly expected to pull in as many as he did in this election.

It’s an odd relationship Mr. Layton and Mr. Harper have?   The two of them have a history especially with the Liberals eroding as they go from weak leader to the next.    Poor Mr. Dion was never meant to be “the Guy” and I’m still scratching my head over Mr. Ignatieff.

It was Mr. Layton that helped Mr. Harper pull down Paul Martin’s government.   Each step of the way Mr. Layton and Mr. Harper have helped each other’s careers.

Now through brilliant strategic use of the NDP Mr. Harper has his majority government, and now, by appointing a Separatist as interim leader, Mr. Layton has given his party a leader that will cause a lot of concern outside of Quebec and ultimately make it harder for when Thomas Mulcair takes the helm; most likely sometime in 2012.  Which of course gives Mr. Harper a big smile as he continues to lead his party towards a second majority.

It’s disturbing watching much of the media spin on Ms Turmel.    As a former Quebecer I know that many in the Bloc or PQ even aren’t true separatists.    Even names like Levesque and Bouchard were accused by their own of being soft on sovereignty and the ideals of the party.   Most times it is strategic and not ideology that    motivates Quebec politicians more so than anywhere else in Canada.

What is becoming more clear is the NDP both Federally and Provincially under Andrea Horwath are going to have a harder time defining themselves.   Ms Horwath in Ontario especially seems to be trying to change the face of the Party’s image to something more……Liberal while the Federal wing seems to be doing so in softer and gentler tones.  With this turmoil it surely won’t bode well for her in the October elections.

The big winner is of course Stephen Harper and Conservatives in general.  If his plan works he’ll have a disintegrating opposition in the NDP  and a Liberal party in recovery mode unless some magic happens in Ontario.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Thank God that we have a responsible government in place now!

  2. Would the NDP federally ask Bob Rae to take a run at leader?

  3. Crazy the happenings of the NDP. To so rapidly find such strong support in a province NOT because of party policy, but rather popularity of a leader portrayed via a television debate. The tide came quickly in and now slowly recedes. Why ohhhhh why has Layton picked Turmel??? In my ignorance of this person I originally thought it a good choice, however as her history unfolds I can only shake my head in wonderment and disbelief. Jack and the NDP are with less power now than before the election. In appointing Turmel NDP support will surely weaken outside Quebec. Mulcair very well may be next NDP leader however he shall not increase NDP popularity outside the province. Fact he is not liked nor respected by other MP’s does not assist his cause as he shall not be a consensus builder. Does the NDP become a revised mini version of the Bloc with Quebec leadership and interests as paramount! The Party surely shall cater to where its support base and to the interests of its many Quebec MP’s. As the Liberals flounder and attempt to rediscover themselves out in the boonies and the NDP morphs into new identity, thank goodness Harper and the Conservatives serve as a bastion of leadership and stability.

  4. Yes but who are they responsible to? The Western Provinces? Big Oil? The US Republicans?

  5. @Concerned Citizen: You think?

  6. @Garfield: “Harper and the Conservatives…a bastion of leadership and stability” Wow, and of course they have nothing to do with contempt or deceit or character assassination.

  7. All people, all parties are with weakness and flaws. None are perfect, it is easy to sit back and shine a spotlight and to take note of every little detail and to highlight it. During the election, the left put much effort into such intricacies however for myself and many others it mattered not simply because Liberal history of transgressions were viewed as being much larger. No transgression by Harper could compare to the arrogance, graft and corruption of Chretien. I have voted for and at one time or another supported all three main parties. As of late I have become entrenched in my support of Harper. Is he perfect and are the Conservatives perfect? Of course not, however given the options we had to choose from I strongly believe Harper and policies of the Conservatives best serve my beliefs and Canada. It avoids the politically correct do-nothing mindset of past and addresses issues head on. I find that refreshing. At present Canada is sitting pretty good compared to our global partners. Harper with a majority government is stable while the Liberals and NDP seem confused and basically irrelevant. As I look at the happenings with the other two parties more than ever I am thankful Harper has his majority. It will serve us well. PJR I acknowledge your point however I do not see it as just a Harper attribute. Such is part of politics, it has surfaced in past and will surface in future. Do I approve of it… no, however compared to past it is a non-issue for me. I recall other leaders and parties where such occurred. It simply is not a issue of concern especially when put in perspective of past examples. There are much more important issues and concerns at stake. Whereas Ignatieff and to lesser degree Layton whined about such, the electorate had already been acclimatized to it. Thus I think for similar reason as myself, for many it was and remains in essence a non issue. For those on the left it gives something to grasp upon. For myself and I believe many other Canadians there are much bigger concerns and issues to focus upon!

  8. Contempt for democracy, deceit, character assassination not big concerns? Of course not, merely little details. An electorate already acclimatized. It’s OK: Give Papa Harper a blank cheque, he will reform us and take us to the Promised Land.

  9. Oh, and contempt for the environment, which includes the air we breathe. Harper’s a home-grown wonder.

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