Lib Candidate for SD&SG Unveils Third Pillar of his Campaign – Healthcare and how it Effects Seniors – August 29, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Mark A. MacDonald announced on his YouTube channel today, his third and most important pillar, our health care system and more importantly how it affects our seniors.


“Make no mistake about it,” MacDonald stated “this is what it all comes down to. Our health care system is fundamental and crucial to all of us and protecting what we have is why I’m involved,” he went on to say.


“In his last days my father experienced terrible suffering and our health care system was there for him. I am fighting to make sure that we never-ever go to a system of PAY YOUR WAY TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE HEALTH CARE,” MacDonald said.


The PCs have 14 billion dollars missing from their platform. To make up those missing billions, there will be many, many cuts; deep cuts in health care would be inevitable. They closed hospitals and laid off nurses before and they would do it again.



“They voted against our hospitals and health centres and we would not have our hospice in Cornwall if they would have had their way. It’s that simple,” MacDonald stated.


“The fight to protect our health care system, especially for our seniors and the most vulnerable people in our society, is what separates Liberals from Conservatives and I encourage people to get involved and fight for what they believe in,” MacDonald went on to say.

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  1. I have to say I agree with everything Mark says about health care. I also find it amazing how many people I talk to who call themselves conservatives and yet feel exactly the same way about healthcare. I feel like telling them, “Hey that’s great….did you know you’re backing the wrong guy? We have a guy in place right now who’s working his tail off for better healthcare you know!”.

    It seems that we have a lot more in common as Ontarians than differences. Regardless of your political leaning, this fall, look into your heart and decide what kind of Ontario you want. If healthcare is a priority to you, then you’ve found the right guy in Mark.

  2. Jamie: Everyone in Canada loves the fact that we have universal health care! To claim that conservatives don’t enjoy free health care shows a true lack of knowledge!

    John Diefenbacker was the first federal government in 1957 to introduce a national program (He was a Tory – Progressive Conservative!)

    Also, it was Tommy Douglas – the Saskatchewan Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, and affiliated to the federal New Democratic Party that first brought universal health to a province in the 1940’s.

    Actually, the Liberal Party has worked hand-in-hand with the Conservatives and the NDP when it comes to improving health care! For example it was Mulroney who was in power when Trudeau retired as Liberal Leader. Brian Mulroney then ensured the Canadian Health Act was adopted!

    Ask anyone in who is in the medical field and they will explain the LHIN’s to you! A total waste of tax payers dollars! Obviously, the newest announcement is another ploy to saver their unneeded jobs!

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