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What are those doorbell like sounds that you hear in the cabin of an airplane ?
Question asked by Marsha.



Those are chimes, which are activated by several sources in the airplane.   There is a telephone system through the airplane, by which the pilots and flight attendants can communicate.  When a pilot calls a flight attendant station, a chime will sound in the cabin.  Also, when a flight attendant at one station calls a flight attendant at another station, the chime will sound in the cabin.
When the seatbelt sign in turned on or off by the Captain, the chime will sound through the cabin.
Each passenger seat has a flight attendant call button.  When the button is pressed a light will illuminate above the passenger seat and the chime will sound in the cabin.  The light above the seat indicates to the flight attendants which passenger is requesting assistance.
There are also chimes in the cabin that can be activated by the pilots to indicate to the cabin crew, that the airplane is about to land and the flight attendants need to sit down in their crew seats for landing.

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