Sue McConville’s Weekly Business Management Tip #5 A Good Way to Start the Day – October 12, 2011

It’s a Good Way to Start the Day.


Over Thanksgiving dinner I had the pleasure of chatting with “Matty”.  He loves his job of supervising a team of people and went on to say that he had learned a great thing from his previous boss.  He learned that it all starts with a “Good Morning”.


The first thing Matty does every shift is to put a smile on his face.  Next, he walks around his workplace to greet his staff and engage them in a brief conversation.  He asks them questions about themselves:  Did you watch the hockey game last night?  How is the new puppy?  Is your daughter feeling better?  He acknowledges their responses and wishes them a good day.


When I asked Matty about the benefits to this approach he responded: It sets the tone for the day; the staff are happier; they are more productive; they seem more service oriented; and, ultimately, it frees up some of my time as there are fewer customer and staff issues.

Matty’s approach is a simple yet powerful tool in building a strong and engaged workforce.  It takes only a few minutes, has no cost associated with it, and it works.  The one thing I would add to Matty’s approach? At the end of each day, thank your staff for coming to work that day and wish them a good evening!

I’d love to hear your experiences with this technique.

Have you tried it? What results did you get? As a supervisor, what other techniques do you use to create a strong and engaged workforce?


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