Transition Cornwall + – Movie Presentation: Powerful: Energy for Everyone – November 2, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

CFN –Can we go from a world powered by fossil fuels and nuclear energy to one powered by renewable energy, and what would happen to us — as individuals and communities — if we tried?
Powerful showcases the remarkable achievements and inspiring examples of people and communities pursuing a path of conservation and renewable energy. It explores the obstacles they encounter and introduces power players with an interest in maintaining the status quo.Powerful is about reclaiming, or discovering for the first time, the power to do more and be more and to work within a community to accomplish more together.Who controls our energy supply and who has the power to decide which energy path to pursue? How can people and communities generate more of their own energy needs, create more jobs and income, and improve human and environmental health in a way that energizes them in the process? And how will this quest for greater energy security and autonomy contribute to an important power shift that ultimately helps build a more just, equitable and healthy society and democracy? These are the key questions that will be explored in Powerful.Green economy educator, David Chernushenko will take a journey starting with his own electricity bill where an ongoing “nuclear debt retirement charge” appears every month. He will  visit Germany, Denmark, and California.  Back in Ontario, he will lead an examination of the North Americaʼs flirtations with renewables. Putting it all in context, heʼll take it all back to his own house and personal quest to be a part of a clean energy future and an empowered community. Leading by example, the viewer will discover with David the power to make a difference in their own life.

After the showing of the film, David Chernushenko will answer questions about his film and his ideas about our future.

Transition Cornwall +
Re: A Movie Presentation:  Powerful: Energy for Everyone
When:  Wednesday, November 2, 2011  at 6:30 pm
Where:  The Benson Centre, 7th St. West,  Cornwall
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