Couponing with Carine – Finding Deals From Ottawa to Cornwall! October 22, 2011

CFN –Anyone who watches reality television is well aware of the newest craze.  Move over Jackass step aside the Kardasians, because stays at home Middle American mothers are the newest reality television craze.Extreme Couponing is TLC’s newest reality show showing everyday Mom’s pilling there carts with hundred’s (and sometimes Thousands) of dollars of groceries and walking away without paying a cent. Sometimes they even make money!In the USA this is very possible thanks to double and triple couponing (meaning the store will double or triple the amount of the coupons worth). In Canada unfortunately our coupon rules are very intense and do not allow for any sort of doubling. Does that mean we have to miss out on the Extreme Couponing craze that is sweeping America? Absolutely not!

Can you walk away with hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for free? Probably not. Can you slash your grocery bill in half even walking away with free items? You bet!

For anyone who has watched Extreme Couponing you see women and the occasional man dumpster diving, stealing newspapers, and staying up at all hours of the night to gain as many coupons as possible to get the best deals possible.

Unless you plan on buying Two Hundred bottles of BBQ Sauce, or Three Hundred boxes of cereal, ( I swear you can’t make this up) you don’t need to do any of that.

Canadian couponing is all about research and patience. For anyone who wants to start Canadian Couponing you’re at the right place. Every week I will be giving you tips on how to maximize your couponing experience, and what stores are offering you the best bang for your buck. Also you don’t need to be a mom or be supporting a family to be a Canadian Couponer.   I am a single girl living in Ottawa and I use coupons to help feed my shopping habit.

The money I save on groceries and every day items allows me to spend on handbags, clothing’s books and movies. So if you’re couponing to help support your family or you just want to save money follow my simple steps and a guaranty you will see savings!This week Il tell you the best places to get coupons. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!How to start your coupon collection


You know those flyers we get with our Saturday Paper once in a while that we throw away as junk? That junk is your first step in becoming a Canadian Couponer!

Smart Source and Red Plum are released at different times of the month (check out my facebook page Couponing with Carine for exact dates). These are mostly used for Company’s to promote there new products. Being a new product they will offer fantastic coupons to get you to buy. An example recently is Colgate released a new toothpaste. It is retailing for about 6.00$ but because it’s a new product many stores were advertising it for 3.99$.

Because I saved my recent Smart Source Flyer I had a coupon for 3.00$ on said product. Best of all? My local pharmacy was offering a free tooth brush if you purchased the new tooth paste. So for .99 cents I walked away with a 6.00$ tooth paste and a 2.00 tooth brush. Not bad for just saving a newspaper flyer.The InternetMy number one source for coupons? The internet doesn’t have a printer? No problem! Many websites will mail out coupons for free!

Here are my favorite coupon websites.

Expect your coupons within a couple days of ordering. The variety isn’t fantastic but once in a while you will grab you fantastic find.

Great coupons but they took take weeks to come in, but once they do it’s absolutely worth it.

This is my absolute favorite coupon website! Great coupons and you receive them literally a few days later.

Facebook is a daily part of my day but not only because I like to keep up with friends, but because by simply liking my favorite products on facebook, I am often sent coupons, special offers and best of all free product! Oh yes I said Free!

If you really like a certain product look up the company’s website and tell them how much you enjoy it! I recently e-mailed an ice cream company to tell them how much I enjoy there products and if they had any coupons I would love to receive some. A few weeks later I received 5$ coupons for their product. Not bad considering there product was on sale a few weeks later 2 for 5.00$.  A compliment does go a long way but remember to nicely ask for coupons.

It never hurts to ask!

More than ever many stores are now offering their own coupons or displaying the company’s coupons. Check the aisles of your favorite grocery store often you will find a display of coupons in front of the item (in coupon lingo this is called a tear pad). Help your self to a few, but please do not take the whole pack! Leave some for others to enjoy.

Sometimes just going to the customer service desk and asking if they have any coupons available can bring you some luck. It’s very rare but once in a while they will have some to give away.Now that we have covered the basics lets get you started on saving!Here are these weeks’ sales for the most popular grocery stores and pharmacy’s and how you can save with using coupons.

Canadian Tire

If you follow my coupon instructions you will be walking away with a free product!

J Cloth is on sale for 2.00$. If you check they have a 1$ off coupon. Combined with this sale you will be walking away with J Cloth for 1.00$

Majestic Toilet Paper 8 Double Rolls is on sale for 3.00$. If you use your 1.00$ off coupon you will be paying 2.00$ for 8 double rolls of Toilet Paper (that equals 16 single rolls).

Snuggle Fabric Sheets on sale for 1.00$.  Using my coupon from for 1.00$ any snuggle product I will be getting these fabric sheet for free!

Food Basics

Yoplait Yoptimal Multi-Packs on sale for 4.99$ using my 1.00$ coupon from it makes these 3.99$.Pillsbury Toaster Strudel on sale for 2.00$ using my 1.00$ coupon from makes these 1.00$
Giant Tiger

Orville Popcorn is on sale for 2.99$, Using my 1.50$ coupon from I only pay 1.49$.Metro

Dempters Original Country Bread is on sale for 1.99$. Using my 1.00 coupon from websave .ca I only pay 1.00$.Nutragrain bars on sale for 2.49$. Using my .75 cent coupon from I only pay 1.74$.
Sunlight Dishsoap is 2.29$. Using my .50$ coupon from I only pay 1.75$Shoppers Drug mart

Royale Toilet Paper is on sale for 4.49$, Using my 1.00$ coupon from I only pay 3.49$. (This sale is only on for Saturday and Sunday)
Catelli pasta is on sale for 3/5.00$. Using my .75$ coupon from Il pay 4.25$ for three or 1.43 per box.

Wal Mart

Hamburger Helper is 1.67$. Using my 1.00$ coupon from I pay .67$.
Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow is 6.76$ using my 2.00$ coupon from websaver I only pay 4.76$.The sales aren’t that great this week vs. the coupons available but it is a great start! I will start posting random finds and daily specials on my Facebook page Couponing with Carine. I will be back on Cornwall Free News with more great couponing tips next week!Happy Couponing!


Carine Sturgeon is a Cornwall native now dividing her time between Ottawa Ontario and Cornwall Ontario. She is a graduate of Ecole Secondair La Citadelle and St Lawrence college. A Educational Assistant by trade she is now The program Coordinator of After School Programs with the City of Ottawa. A self confessed “shopaholic” she now channels her shopping addiction into a coupon addiction. 
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  1. Wow this is great! I’ve always wanted to do this thanks Carine!-Your friend from Ottawa!

  2. Hi Carine and thank u for your advice!
    I have a question, some stores have items on clearance or on sale ( loblaws) or price squeeze (food basics), and some of my coupons sais: Cannot be combined with other coupons or promotional offers.What does promotional offers mean in this case? on sale products are considered promotional offers?

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