City to Come Back with Advertising Report Monday December 12, 7PM at City Hall – Some numbers and thoughts.

CFN – So is the City of Cornwall Ontario using this report to council on advertising as a financial tool to control local media?   It’s an interesting question and one I’ve been fielding now for over a month and I’m sure some of the city officials and council are themselves.

Some interesting numbers in the snippet from the report to be tabled at Council Monday night at 7PM.    A bit misleading in a way as Cornwall Living is published via The Seaway News parent company Trans Continental.


I think Councilor Thibault touched on something that resonated with a lot of you; that council should not be splintering media companies by medium.  IE if a company trashes you on their radio station or newspaper then you shouldn’t be supporting their other divisions.  The reality is that there really are no lines any longer between media.  Incorporated media companies today use the internet just as much as print; radio, or television.   There is no difference; there are only results.

What you’ll notice in the report is that the issue of Online Anonymity is dead because frankly as shared in our previous reports it’s something that truly can’t be legally enforced.  It really is about moderation.  Now if you read deeper into the report you’ll see that Mr. Peters is pointing to “past” comments and of course delves a bit into what is offensive and what isn’t?  What is vulgar and what isn’t?

That’s quite a subject and one that I won’t enter here.  The bottom line at the end of the day is what’s best for the City of Cornwall and its brand.    And that question is a very important one and the only issue that should matter.

If you watch the report above you’ll see that Councilors MacDonald and Gardiner supported the original report; as did a few others.   That’s scary.    I can tell you as a media outlet I should not have to debate the definition of words with and defend our stories in nature I have over the last month or so.    Following the lines of the new report the sneaky loophole is such that potentially every single possible offensive term or comment used would penalize a company.

Does that make sense?  According to the last report; championed by some councilors the city would be prohibited by policy from advertising with the two most viewed news sites in this city; both of whom reach people not only inside Cornwall; but outside.  Is that good for branding or is it simply financial bullying?   I’m very proud that the Cornwall Free News supplied the most web traffic of any source to the City of Cornwall other than search engines or high priced Facebook ads.    Sadly the results of the ad dollars spent by the city are not in the report.  I think they should be because if the real issue is about the positive branding and exposure for the City of Cornwall Ontario that’s very very important.

After all, we are the only news media in this city with Cornwall in its name.

More on this after Monday night, but in the meanwhile feel free to contact the mayor and council by clicking HERE. 

And if you support CFN and are near City Hall at 7 PM please come to the meeting and show your love.

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  1. Today is Tuesday, December 13 and we have learned that Council has now chosen to restrict their advertising to media that PROHIBIT anonymous commentary. It was a 6-3 vote with Couns. Glen Grant, Bernadette Clement and Maurice Dupelle voting against. I think this is just the City Council flexing its muscles to force media to not print anything detrimental to the image of the Council. Always remember, Big Brother is watching you!

  2. Look at this an anonymous comment, luckily Cornwall free news does not mind having such comments posted; however, this time instead of bashing all other media sources in the city, might I direct some attention to this site itself.

    I could not help but laugh at the wording of the question at the bottom of this article. I seriously hope it was supposed to be taken as a joke since even the answer of “Yes” is worded in a manner to SPIN the results in a favorable way towards Cornwall Free News. Should there not simply be an option to answer “Yes”? As in, yes I agree with councils decision not to associate themselves with a media outlet that so negatively portrays so many other aspects / individuals of the community.

    “Stan”, by approving this policy it is not that “City Council flexing its muscles to force media to not print anything detrimental to the image of the Council”. This site can still post or “report” however it see’s fit, it will just no longer receive funding or endorsement from the City.

    Just think: you don’t see the city reporting in the National Enquirer do you?

    I for one support council’s decision.

  3. I wonder if the members of council members will also cancel their subscriptions to the news papers…or is this just again public showmanship

    Someone in the freeholder made a very very interesting post on this topic. Something to do with a individuals well being when releasing their names on a post. They used the recent council improprieties regarding the abuses in human resources and with the senior citizens home reporting abuses to patients. . Why would anybody trust a council with that type of social record? What are they really and truly capable of??

  4. Maybe I’m being little naive, but why would a newspaper or news outlet enter into a business deal (contract) with the very entity that it would (should) be reporting on? Biting the hand that feeds you, or reporting on that hand is always a bad idea if you need its advertising revenue.

  5. Author

    Furtz cities need to communicate with the public, thus advertising, messaging, and sometimes marketing. For example with CFN having so much out of town traffic we’re ideal for Cornwall to help focus and showcase on the positives of the city.

    This nonsense started because of a few thin skinned councilors and city people running pushing Mr. Peters whose job it is to respond to them.

    It was funny watching the comments made by council last night as it was some of these same people back tracking.

    It’s also a reason why this whole council concept needs to be refocused because if there’s no criteria for electing people to make decisions worth countless millions of dollars these are some of the results you get.

    All of this policy since its inception has done nothing but tarnish and hurt the reputation of Cornwall. I think there are at least two city councilors that should resign over this and at least one city employee that should be censured or fired.

    This “Witch Hunt” should not exist. It’s completely unprofessional.

  6. Author

    Hi Furtz,

    Just got back from being interviewed by CBC TV and should be on the afternoon show on radio.

  7. What I like about Cornwall Free News is that they publish stories that residents of Cornwall and area find interesting. They allow comments from everyone on their stories. Basically, the Standard-Freeholder did the same though to a lesser degree. I heard today that their new policy will be to not allow people to make comments on certain things (stories about the City Council come to mind)! I mean, what the hell are they thinking? They have a duty to report anything newsworthy whether or not it is embarrassing to the City Council….after all, we are the Readers and we have a right to know whats going on and our dollars keep them alive. Then again, I think they’re just trying to cover their asses in order to get those City of Cornwall advertising dollars! I hope that CFN will not buckle under to the City Council in that way and trust that they will continue to report on what we find important in knowing, like the recent scandals with the CAO and Glen-Stor-Dun. City Council are never a dull moment and the City of Cornwall reminds me of of a book I once read “Peyton Place”, some of you older folks may have read it too. Keep up the good work CFN.

  8. interviewed by TV and on the radio??

    I have that on all day here and will be listening….do us proud Jamie

  9. I have CBC radio on pretty much all day, after the godawful Ontario Morning show is over. Heard a quick news story yesterday re CFN and the Cornwall city council some time around noon. Heard nothing further today. I don’t watch or even own a working TV, so maybe I’ll have to look for it on the CBC news website.

  10. Same here Jamie….had it on since early this morning until about 5 pm and heard nothing. But maybe tomorrow. It will be interesting to hear what was asked.

  11. All this popularity and publicity by city council will do no more than escalate yours and the freeholders status online.

    Especially at a time when so many countries are taking a stand against their leader ship and condemning what council is attempting to accomplish. Silence the people…

    Go Jamie show council just how……, let me rephrase, perhaps you could inform them that they are actually hindering their efforts rather than helping

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