City to Come Back with Advertising Report Monday December 12, 7PM at City Hall – Some numbers and thoughts.

City to Come Back with Advertising Report Monday December 12, 7PM at City Hall – Some numbers and thoughts.

CFN – So is the City of Cornwall Ontario using this report to council on advertising as a financial tool to control local media?   It’s an interesting question and one I’ve been fielding now for over a month and I’m sure some of the city officials and council are themselves.

Some interesting numbers in the snippet from the report to be tabled at Council Monday night at 7PM.    A bit misleading in a way as Cornwall Living is published via The Seaway News parent company Trans Continental.


I think Councilor Thibault touched on something that resonated with a lot of you; that council should not be splintering media companies by medium.  IE if a company trashes you on their radio station or newspaper then you shouldn’t be supporting their other divisions.  The reality is that there really are no lines any longer between media.  Incorporated media companies today use the internet just as much as print; radio, or television.   There is no difference; there are only results.

What you’ll notice in the report is that the issue of Online Anonymity is dead because frankly as shared in our previous reports it’s something that truly can’t be legally enforced.  It really is about moderation.  Now if you read deeper into the report you’ll see that Mr. Peters is pointing to “past” comments and of course delves a bit into what is offensive and what isn’t?  What is vulgar and what isn’t?

That’s quite a subject and one that I won’t enter here.  The bottom line at the end of the day is what’s best for the City of Cornwall and its brand.    And that question is a very important one and the only issue that should matter.

If you watch the report above you’ll see that Councilors MacDonald and Gardiner supported the original report; as did a few others.   That’s scary.    I can tell you as a media outlet I should not have to debate the definition of words with and defend our stories in nature I have over the last month or so.    Following the lines of the new report the sneaky loophole is such that potentially every single possible offensive term or comment used would penalize a company.

Does that make sense?  According to the last report; championed by some councilors the city would be prohibited by policy from advertising with the two most viewed news sites in this city; both of whom reach people not only inside Cornwall; but outside.  Is that good for branding or is it simply financial bullying?   I’m very proud that the Cornwall Free News supplied the most web traffic of any source to the City of Cornwall other than search engines or high priced Facebook ads.    Sadly the results of the ad dollars spent by the city are not in the report.  I think they should be because if the real issue is about the positive branding and exposure for the City of Cornwall Ontario that’s very very important.

After all, we are the only news media in this city with Cornwall in its name.

More on this after Monday night, but in the meanwhile feel free to contact the mayor and council by clicking HERE. 

And if you support CFN and are near City Hall at 7 PM please come to the meeting and show your love.

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