Letter to the Editor – Mark A MacDonald on Waterfront Development – January 24, 2012

Dear Editor:

There are long waiting lists for our seniors who need affordable housing.

There are long waiting lists for our elderly who need long term care.

There are long waiting lists for people in wheel chairs that need a place to live.

With all due respect, these are the people that should be “consulted” when considering condo development on the waterfront.

 Mark A. MacDonald – Cornwall Ontario

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James Moak


  1. Why should the elderly be consulted on condo developement?….Do they have insight into this topic that I am not aware of?…With all due respect, this is a silly proposal….

  2. You don’t suppose that the elderly are the ones buying condos as they downsize their lives so you.

    It just goes to show you that as one devils’s advocate removes himself another arises in his place.

  3. A large area along the water, like Lamoureux Park, should be kept an open space while paid for and enjoyed by all residents tax, plus it makes a wonderful presentation area to visitors.The multiuse path needs to be expanded and promoted as well, but don’t mess with the “see”shore!

    Of course people should be consulted, these people should also inform political leaders where to put the condo’s. While being polite of course.

  4. Hi Reg….I guess I was confused….I didn’t realize that he was suggesting we consult with our elders on their future homes….I thought he wanted to consult them in reference to the feasibility of building condos on our much (?) treasured water front, and area I’m not sure they are experts in………my bad….Dear old folks, what colour would you like the walls of your condo painted? That sort of thing? OK, that sort of sonsultation makes sense then….

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